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The 12 Days Of Christmas.

Ok so traditionally the 12 days of Christmas are the 12 following the big day but what's the point in me waxing lyrical about festivities that have passed? My 12 days will run from tomorrow right through to Christmas Eve itself and looks something a little like this......

DIY Fillable Baubles.

I promised you two DIYs this Christmas and I didn't disappoint did I? 

Following the success of my Christmas wreath I thought I'd try my hand at fillable baubles for our Christmas tree. I have a really sentimental tree theme, less about specific colours and more about things that mean something to us or a collection of things we've accumulated over the years. Every year we buy a few new baubles to add to the tree and this year I thought it'd be sweet if I had a go at making my own. 

Reasons Why October Is My Fav.

We're quickly speeding toward the middle of October already, the year is flying by and my favourite month is here (and going all too quick). Come May and I'll be gushing about lighter nights and driving with the windows down and not having to take a coat out with you but then this time of year comes around again and I remember this is when I really come alive. Here's why October is my ultimate fav and why I'm v pleased it's here....

5 Minutes With My October Advertisers

We're very rapidly approaching a whole year of advertising on Twenty Something Meltdown and I have just filled every last advertising slot until the New Year. It's still a bit mad people will book that far in advance to advertise with me but rest assured it's all greatly appreciated. But more on that next month when it has actually been a year of advertising. 

This month I have a bunch of returning advertisers and one new fresh face for you - so make sure you go and check them all out!

Are We Always Looking For The Next Fresh Start?

I am always looking for a 'start date'. I might track goals and have aims but motivation is my main struggle. My bullet journal habit tracker works for me (for most things) because it focuses me to have a tick box, I feel like a failure if I don't tick it every day. I am always pushing my 'start date', looking for the next new week, the next month, the start of summer, New Years, my birthday.... I don't need much of an excuse to create a start date to motivate myself. 

Things I Wish I Had The Money For Right About Now.

I haven't been on an intentional spending ban but since finishing my house I haven't been constantly searching for homeware as much as I used to and before I knew it, it'd been months since I scoured the internet for some pieces. The problem with this I soon realised was that every store I love has all new homeware ranges in that I hadn't seen and holy fuck why is it all so beautiful? Now I want to blow all my cash on homeware I don't need and I actually don't know how not to stop myself. Think I need to give my bank card to someone else (but there's always PayPal)....

Friday Favourites 8th - 21st July 2017.

It's been a busy old fortnight, every day has been taken up with something or other and whilst I've had to leave a few blog posts unfinished and unposted but actually my motivation and inspiration levels are on a high. My parents are away for a fortnight and I've moved back to theirs to house and cat sit and I am taking the opportunity of being away from everyone and everything to crack on and do all the things I want to do. I want to update my media kit and get loads of blogs scheduled and fix all my broken links and make a master plan of where I want to take my blog and I am pumped to get going. 

Why I'm Not Doing A Guest Post Series This Summer.

If you've been reading since way back when last Summer you might remember I went on holiday and during that time I was organised enough to host guest bloggers on my site for 16 or 17 days whilst I was away. Yes really, I was once that organised. Can you even imagine me having that much content planned in advance these days? This year I'm not.....

21 Things You Learn With Your Own Home.

We've had our house for about 5 months now and we finally finished all the construction work and all the shopping and all the decorating in April. It doesn't matter if you've lived away from home before, been a student, whatever...nothing prepares you for having your own place and all the tiny random things you learn.