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9 Mid Week Favourites

How I found the time to redesign my blog, merge my businesses, relaunch my social media accounts and blog for a whole week is beyond me when all of a sudden it’s been two weeks and I haven’t posted a single thing.

With that in mind and a free hour catching up on a Made in Chelsea from November (I am v far behind with my TV viewings) I thought I’d whizz a post out with a few of my Wednesday favs from the last coupla weeks.

My Month In Photos - May 2018.

Oh hi bet you forgot about me didn't you? It's been a while. Maybe I'll just spend the rest of my blogging life apologising for taking impromptu breaks for the rest of my blogging career. 

The last post I wrote was that corker on GDPR and what it means for bloggers and I think that says everything about the fact I haven't blogged since then. I think it's been about a fortnight with nothing from me. I have basically spent the last fortnight in a mad rush of family stuff, business stuff, life stuff and a whole host of GDPR compliance activities. 

My Month In Photos - April 2018.

Cor blimey I feel like an amateur writing this. 

I feel all rusty and like I don't know what to say and have I maybs forgotten how to blog? I published a grand total of 10 blog posts this month, the lowest count for years and after my little life lately rant last week, I promptly gave up again and didn't write anything else. 

That being said I have some thoughts I want to publish and some ideas I want to write about for May so maybe it'll be a better month and I'll be back to it. As rusty as I feel currently I do like the way my hands fly over the keys like they've always known what to do and sharing some of my snaps and an insight into my life feels normal. We'll see. 

My Month In Photos - March 2018

Oh hi just me trying not to freak out about us being a quarter of the way through the year anyone else? This year is absolutely flying by and I am filling it with all the lovely things and it's been a pretty solid start to 2018. 

March for me was hectic, in the best sense of the word but it meant it went by quicker than both the months before it. March was bookended by trips away, first to Venice and then to Sussex and it meant I was in a constant state of packing, getting ready to go away and unpacking again. Despite the never ending busy it was a great month filled with lots of fun things I'm excited to tell you about. 

My Month In Photos - February 2018.

February has bloody flown by hasn't it? After the years that was January 2018, the few less days we have this month makes me feel like we're a whole week down. It seems like everything is rushed, there's no time to do anything and before you know it it's March and whoa what just happened. Combine that with the fact I am going to Venice tomorrow and suddenly the weeks have disappeared in a blur of getting shit done before I go away and here we are.

Bumper Christmas Friday Favourites 9th - 29th December 2017.

Well flippin heck this seems a bit alien doesn't it? It seems like a million years ago I last wrote a blog, scheduled a tweet or did anything on social media that wasn't just browsing and the break was uhhhmazing.

My break from proper work is extending well into the first week of January but I am back with my bumper Friday Favourites from the past three weeks, and the last one of the year as promised. I have loved the time off but also found myself sitting in front of Christmas TV with my fingers tapping away itching to get back online. But I resisted until today so I had some proper time off and I am ready to get back into the swing of things in the new year. 

But enough about what's to come, here's 33 yes THIRTY THREE favourite moments of the last 3 weeks that have passed. 

Friday Favourites 11th - 24th November 2017.

A month today will be Christmas Eve how about that? 

I think this fortnight can be summed up as tired. I haven't been sleeping particularly well and my life is mega busy so I was feel a bit downtrodden and knackered and like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders last week. This week though I've had a few nights where I've slept much better and it's done me the world of good and I've got loads of blogging done and am feeling pretty great about it. 

The next week though is set to be even busier (more on that further down the post) so I'm taking a moment this Friday lunchtime to reflect on the past two weeks and all the nicer bits. 

Friday Favourites 30th September - 13th October 2017.

You very nearly didn't have a Friday Favourites this week my loves. We've had a fun old evening this Friday because our bathroom decided it didn't like the paint we had on the walls and uhm, well it all kinda ran off. Turns out condensation wasn't it's friend so off we popped to B&Q and now I have bathroom paint to repaint the whole room tomorrow. Yay. 

As well as that the internet also decided it didn't want to play ball and basically that's my list of excuses on why this is being published so late tonight. But here we are anyway....

Friday Favourites 2nd - 15th September 2017.

Hi soz I don't want to talk to you because it's been a week since I set off on my travels to see the blog squad in Hampshire and I am sad. 

But I can probably eek a few Friday Favourites out if you really want me to. 

It feels like we've been waiting for this weekend together for so long it's like it suddenly came around and I was all 'no no it's too soon I want the excitement to continue' and now it's over it's like shit what now? Isn't that always the way with holidays? So naturally we're thinking about what we can do before Christmas sets in......

Friday Favourites 22nd July - 18th August 2017.

Bet ya wondered if I'd given up on this series hadn't ya? Or maybe you just didn't notice I haven't posted one in nearly a month.....

I write my Friday Favourites fortnightly but the day my last instalment was due my blog was still undergoing some major renovations (more on that later) and I toyed with the idea of doing it on another day but in the end I decided I'd just wait 4 weeks and then post. Verdict? About 4 out of 10, wouldn't avoid but  wouldn't recommend to a friend. 

It was a lot. It was a lot to remember and it seems like a lifetime ago I did some of this and man oh man am I glad I wrote them down! So strap yourselves in and grab a brew, this is a long one. 

Friday Favourites 8th - 21st July 2017.

It's been a busy old fortnight, every day has been taken up with something or other and whilst I've had to leave a few blog posts unfinished and unposted but actually my motivation and inspiration levels are on a high. My parents are away for a fortnight and I've moved back to theirs to house and cat sit and I am taking the opportunity of being away from everyone and everything to crack on and do all the things I want to do. I want to update my media kit and get loads of blogs scheduled and fix all my broken links and make a master plan of where I want to take my blog and I am pumped to get going.