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5 Minutes With My Advertisers - December 2017.

It's the last month of the year and the last 2017 advertising round up I'm writing and wtf where did the time go? 

This year I feel like my advertising packages have properly taken off, I have a LOT of returning faces and I rarely have to promote my deals to get them filled and I hope that's a testament to the work I put in and maybe shows people actually find it useful? Either that or ya'll just pay money to have me say nice things about me no? 

But anyway, onto December's bunch which features a lot of logos you'll probably have seen before in some shape or another (just maybe some more recent than others). 

My Month In Photos - October 2017.

Oh don't mind me over here just heavy breathing over the fact it's November tomorrow and where the eff has the year gone but also omg does that mean it's appropriate to start thinking about Christmas now.......

October shot by in a blaze of days out and not blogging and working damn hard and planning time away and being burnt out and house guests. I keep banging on about the fact I'm busy now every weekend until the new year but really I don't know if I've ever had a calendar so full. 

October, whilst being hellish busy was fun. The past few days the weather has really turned and we're down to single figure degree temps and I am living for it. I've had the fire on twice in two nights, we've got the winter throw on the bed and I have driven in mittens a healthy three times this week. 

What I am not living for so much is how dark it is because although I loooove a cosy night with fairy lights, getting up in the dark is fucking hard no? But weather aside (did I accidentally turn 45 not 25 this month?) - let's get onto the round up. 

Why Every Bullet Journal Addict Needs A Cratejoy Subscription. *

It'll come as no surprise to you that bullet journaling and planning is one of my favourite things to do and the idea that there might be a subscription box based on the humble bujo.

Subscription boxes are no new concept and Cratejoy is no different, except it's a one stop shop for ALL the subscription boxes. You'll find everything from homeware to stationery to food to plants to books to gaming and familiar faces like Papergang and it couldn't be simpler. Search for what box you want and you can subscribe, grab one as a one off, send one as a gift, sample them all - anything and everything you could want.