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Liebster Award

Liebster Award

Liebster Award Logo. 

Liebster Award Logo. 

So I got nominated for a Liebster award! It was a pretty unexpected and lovely little tweet to find sitting in my notifications from Katie of Katastrophique

I know there's a lot of different rules flying about and it's all a bit confusing to how it started and whats what but I'm going to follow the rules I've seen the most of which is accept the award (thank you, thank you), answer the questions, nominate 5 bloggers and ask them 11 questions. 

So without further ado here's my questions set by the lovely Katie:

1 & 2: What was your dream job when you were little? What is it now?

I LOVE questions like this because it makes me feel like I've made it and all kinds of sassy hands emoji. I have always wanted to be an illustrator working for myself, I think it will always be what I want to be and actually, I am darned lucky to say it is what I do! I feel like my 5 year old self would be proud! 

3. What is your favourite type of blog post to read?

I'm hugely nosey so I like anything to do with people's real lives, their favourite XYZ, what they've been up to etc etc etc. I also like anything to do with hints and tips for blogging or Instagram or social media or whatever. I am not a massive fan of fashion and beauty and although I read blogs with them in, they're the ones I am most likely to skim read. Unless it's anything to do with Barry M nail varnish because duh. 

4. What's your favourite blog topic?

My favourite things to write are lists. I'm not even fussy what about, I like the format, I like that it's easy to do, it keeps me on track and I can dip in and out of writing it easily. Other than that I am really into reactive posts which are about any old topic, whatever is in the news but I like writing them because they're current and always something I am passionate about or have an opinion on. 

5. What are your best physical features?

Oooffft what a difficult one?! Does anyone like admitting what they like about themselves? It's so silly, it seems so vain to come out and be like YES I LOVE THIS when we're still all promoting body confidence? Modesty must be engrained in British people, we don't like to show off! Ummm I quite like my hands because I always have nail varnish and 27087423896 silver rings on so I always feel a bit sassy. Also a fan of my hair even though its thin as a wire, it's getting quite long and it's quite an unusual colour. Oh and I dip dye it pink a lot so that's nice. 

6. Fave motivational song?

Oh gosh do I have to pick one?! I have a whole playlist literally devoted to making me motivated and inspired, it's all like massive ballads you can belt out to or dance songs with a beat. I mentioned this on a chat the other day but I basically haven't stopped playing The Hills - The Weeknd or Sorry - Biebs since about Christmas. Obsessed.  

7. What would be your ideal gift to give?

I would LOVE to just book a holiday for someone, everything paid for...imagine the faces on the recipient? 

8. What about receiving? 

Hahahaha so this is where I should probably admit I would actually hate to receive a holiday off someone! As much as yeah obvs I want a holiday, preferably paid for I am a control freak and the idea of someone sorting something as stressful as a holiday for me is the worst. The best gift I've lately was from my 10 month old niece on my first birthday with her in my life and was a pearl bracelet with a little heart charm on that is engraved Auntie Gwennan on one side and her birthday date on the other. I die. So cute. 

9. What's your favourite memory?

Oh lord where to even start? Recent memories I have had the best time since becoming an Auntie. Uhhh I got together with my boyfriend over a school trip in Prague and I can literally remember none of the history and literally everything about him. I have SO many good memories from when I was a kid but sometimes I think about them and think do I remember them or are they just stories I have heard 8402859357 times and home videos I've seen 18302947 times? The actual memories I have from being a child are really random like running down a step on the morning of my Auntie's wedding when I was a bridesmaid (no recollection of the wedding itself). Or holding my baby brothers hand when I was 2 walking into the kitchen with him in a nappy to say goodbye to our dog who had died (it's my first memory and it really isn't a sad one). Or I remember one room in a holiday cottage and nothing else about the place. Memories and time is a weird thing huh?

10. Who was your first celebrity crush?

I have literally no idea on this one!! I know I wanted to be called Cinderella when I was a toddler but that's a different story.... Current celeb crush is 100% Tom Hardy though. I mean, obviously. 

11. Which blogger inspires you most

I feel like such a fangirl and a bit like a stalker because I feel like for these types of questions I ALWAYS mention Hannah Gale. She must be sick of my tweets mentioning her by now or at least thinking she might have to block me. But Hannah was the first blogger I ever read religiously and I just think she's a queen at what she does. A lot of big bloggers in my opinion lose the quality of their content and become a bit unobtainable when they get a bit of fame but I think Hannah is still relatable and I think her readers feel like they could have a conversation with her like your mate. 


My nominations are some lovely ladies I have been speaking to on Twitter recently and are as follows (sorry if you've been nominated before, but hey, it means you're super popular)

Lost In Translation. 

It's Sarah Ann. 

Miss Jamie Leigh. 

Sparkle Berry Blog. 

Lillies And Lipbalm. 

And my 11 questions are:

  1. Describe your blog in 5 words. 
  2. What is your favourite thing about the blogging industry and which bit do you hate. 
  3. If you could only ever listen to 5 songs again what would they be?
  4. What is your earliest memory?
  5. Who is your absolute favourite person on Twitter?
  6. Is blogging your full time job? If not, what else do you do?
  7. What is your favourite film/tv quote of all time?
  8. What 3 things could you not live without (food, water etc aside). 
  9. What are the last 5 photos on your camera roll? Show us! 
  10. Tell us something obscure that not many people will know about you. 
  11. What are your ultimate blogging tips?


Hope you enjoy ladies, thanks for being the biz on Twitter! Make sure you tag me when you've written your posts because I'd love to see your answers!

And massive thanks again for my nomination from Katie and if you're on the hunt for something a bit sweet to brighten up your day or want to do something nice for someone else, Katie has set up the Nice Message Chain which is a bunch of bloggers connecting and sending eachother something nice in the post or via email and just generally feels like a really good thing to do (I posted my first card last week). So yeah, read about how to sign up for that here!

Katastrophique's Nice Message Chain. 

Katastrophique's Nice Message Chain. 





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