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How My Bullet Journal Reflects My Personality.

In 2018 I think it’s plain to see I’m just as bullet journal obsessed as ever and I know I’m not the only one. If anything, I am using it more and more and for a wider variety of things and it’s really got me thinking about what it says about me.

It’s like a journal as well as an organizer these days full of snippets of my day, my mood as well as my plans and chores. It’s fuller than ever, I’m working through it quicker than ever and it’s a home for all my scribbles and doodles. I work out my blog there, I plan my day there, I pack for my holidays there and I remember my pals birthday’s there.

I have come to realise that my bullet journal is a true reflection of me, my personality and my character and now I’ve started noticing it I can’t unsee it.

Handmade Fair Is On It's Way To Wiltshire!

Sometimes you just have a normal Thursday night planned in front of the TV with something beige to eat – and sometimes you get an invite to a press launch in another country and you just up and leave. Ok sure, admittedly the other country was England but a quick hours drive over the Severn saw me in Bristol last week with my blogging bae Sarah at the press launch for Handmade Fair at Bowood House.

Social Media & Blog Statistics - November 2017

I plain wasn't around enough this month to be of any use on social media but surprisingly my stats aren't really a reflection of that? I was reading Megan's roundup of her stats this month too and was struck by how similar our months tend to be. We often have bad months together and good months together and now have done very little to help ourselves yet have had decent months. So maybe the moral of the story of these posts is we can try all we want but in the end it's trends in blog reading and Pinterest that do all the work for us.