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Planning A Surprise Birthday With Talking Tables. *

You might have noticed I've been on a bloggers weekend away. I shouted it from the rooftops, I instagrammed all of it and my feed has been full of it since - you'd be hard pushed not to know I'd been. There'll be a photo diary up soon about our time away, what we did and what it's really like going away with bloggers but for today I thought I'd share some snaps and details of our surprise birthday. 

(You can see all our pics using the hashtag #BloggersPitB on Instagram)

How To Weedle Out The Bad Brand Collaborations From The Good

Where do you start when you're approached with your first brand collab email? When you've got nothing to compare it on how do you know which ones decent and which aren't worth the time it'd take you to reply? 

After a few messages from a few people in the last few weeks asking for help - here's my top tips on how to weedle out the bad from the good - entirely based on my own experiences. 

A Good Reason To Get Up In The Morning. *

Saturday mornings for me are my mornings. Sundays in my opinion are for lazing in bed for Saturdays for me seem such a lovely busy day, they're the days I try to fill with nice things, the days I do a lot but also enjoy myself cos #weekend. I don't wake at the crack of dawn but I still like to get up relatively early and then I have the morning to myself whilst my boyfriend sleeps in and I make a big cuppa and settle down on the sofa with a big bowl of fruit, something trashy on catchup and my bullet journal. 

Why Every Bullet Journal Addict Needs A Cratejoy Subscription. *

It'll come as no surprise to you that bullet journaling and planning is one of my favourite things to do and the idea that there might be a subscription box based on the humble bujo.

Subscription boxes are no new concept and Cratejoy is no different, except it's a one stop shop for ALL the subscription boxes. You'll find everything from homeware to stationery to food to plants to books to gaming and familiar faces like Papergang and it couldn't be simpler. Search for what box you want and you can subscribe, grab one as a one off, send one as a gift, sample them all - anything and everything you could want.