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Happy Easter 2019

I wanted to pop a little impromptu instant blog post up to say happy easter and show you my decorations. It’s a little late to give you inspiration for this year but I like to look back on these posts and see what I did and what my house looked like.

Halloween Decor Inspiration For 2018

A less wordy post from me today pals. I’ve been fretting about having these photos ready to go and no words to get out and then I realised - why do you even need words in a Halloween inspo post?

I want to get into the habit of absent minded blogging, of not fretting to make the perfect blog post, to just chuck some images for inspo up online and let you all have a nosey at my Halloween decorations.

But I digress, this isn’t about the state of blogging or where I’m taking my content - this is about Halloween for 2018 and the decorations I’ve collected over the year.

Easter Decorating | One Week To Go.

It's one week to go till Easter Sunday and my house is looking pretttyyyy festive. I mean, I'm not actually there at the moment because I am away with my gal pals but as I write this, I am sat in my living room with my easter bunting everywhere snacking on a mini egg or two and I am loving it. 

Turning My House Into A Grotto*

It's Christmas 2017 and the first one Joss and I have a whole house to decorate so naturally I got 4 trees and made it a grotto. 

This year to celebrate the extra room Joss wanted a real tree but seemed to think that meant relegating the two fake ones I had from uni to the back of the cupboard. He very quickly realised the error of his ways when suddenly we had a 5ft real tree in the hall, a 6ft fake one in the living room, a 4 ft fake one on the stairs and then B&Q had 3ft ones on a clearance sale for TWO QUID and whadda ya know - now there's one on the landing too. 

How To Decorate Your Home For Winter (Without Getting Festive) *

There's no denying that autumn is over and winter is no longer's arrived (and if you didn't get the GOT reference then shame on you.) With the colder temperatures setting in and the persistent rain we're having at the moment, staying in is the new going out. Gone are the hazy summer nights by the beach and back are the hearty meals piled with gravy and a cosy film in blankets. 

Since our Halloween decorations went back in their boxes a few weeks ago our living room has been looking pretty bare. We'd quickly got used to all the lanterns and trinkets around the TV a and when they were gone Christmas trees looked a long time away. 

With that in mind, our love of seasonal decorations and with excellent timing from Talking Tables, I came up with a few ways of decorating your home for winter - without getting too Christmassy too early (says the biggest lover of Christmas ever). 

Home Edit | New Kitchen.

I promised a lil while back that I'd talk about my kitchen refurb more in depth as it's where most of our time and money went when we were redesigning our house. We started the work for our kitchen just after Christmas and it was completely inhabitable for a few weeks until the work was complete. 

The work we had done was pretty major, we had to knock down some internal walls to open the kitchen up and then have a new kitchen fitted, with appliances. We had new plasterboards and plaster on the ceiling, we had a window knocked through and fitted, we had units and appliances ripped out, we had new electrics....we really went to town on it and yet only did what was 100% necessary. 

Planning A Surprise Birthday With Talking Tables. *

You might have noticed I've been on a bloggers weekend away. I shouted it from the rooftops, I instagrammed all of it and my feed has been full of it since - you'd be hard pushed not to know I'd been. There'll be a photo diary up soon about our time away, what we did and what it's really like going away with bloggers but for today I thought I'd share some snaps and details of our surprise birthday. 

(You can see all our pics using the hashtag #BloggersPitB on Instagram)