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Planning A Surprise Birthday With Talking Tables. *

You might have noticed I've been on a bloggers weekend away. I shouted it from the rooftops, I instagrammed all of it and my feed has been full of it since - you'd be hard pushed not to know I'd been. There'll be a photo diary up soon about our time away, what we did and what it's really like going away with bloggers but for today I thought I'd share some snaps and details of our surprise birthday. 

(You can see all our pics using the hashtag #BloggersPitB on Instagram)

Friday Favourites 19th August - 1st September 2017.

Somehow we have arrived in September of 2017 and there's like 4 months left of the year and wtf I am screaming. Luckily we were spoiled a bit with a 4 day week and next week I only have a 4 day week too and omfg so excited. Also can we just discuss the weather? Is that a terribly British thing to do? But I have a theory that it's always sunny when the kids go back to school and I haven't been proved wrong yet so just sayin......

6 Tips For A UK Staycation.

Staycation is a controversial term - for some it means in your local town or city, for me it means somewhere in your country (or strictly speaking for me, somewhere in the UK). 

I have always been an advocate for the Great British staycation, I even shared my favourite places to holiday in a blog post this time last year and this year whilst I'm not going on a big holiday, I'm racking up the miles on shorter breaks. This year I've already been to Manchester and North Wales for a few days to see my uni friends, spent a long weekend in North Devon and am off to Dorset next week with a gals holiday booked in Hampshire for September. 

With that in mind, here's my tips for a cheeky holiday in Britain; 

National Stationery Week 2016

I swear my posts are getting later and later this week but I have a whole schedule of posting every day that I really want to get through so booo you'll have to just have to have these as bedtime reading more than for your morning commute. 

But hey! Today marks the start of National Stationery Week which is a week I think the majority of us can DEFINITELY get on board with!