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Friday Favourites 18th - 24th June 2016

Friday Favourites 18th - 24th June 2016


I have to make an apology for this week's Favourites list because it is a bit tech heavy. I have been having a whale of a time on social media this week and on my blog and it's paid off and ultimately added to my favourite things of this week. 

Side note, a few things I haven't included but also made me happy were being included in Imogen from WanderedSouls blog about bullet journals, hitting my pageview goal for the end of 2016 in 18 days and the start of series 2 of Taskmaster on Dave which is just bloody brilliant and definitely worth the watch!

1. Good Old Wales. 

So I've seen lots and lots and lots and then some tweets of bad weather all around the country and there's been storms and flash flooding all over the news. However, in good old Wales for once it's been sunny and although it means I've been almost bedbound with the worst hayfever I've had in years, it's been pretty flippin glorious. Yes admittedly last weekend I was in my winter clothes again and I haven't quite made the jump back into sandals but still, just look at those sunsets!

2. Goose Gate. 

So fun fact in case you missed it mentioned a while back, I live part time at my Mum and Dad's where I officially live/my studio is but I mainly sleep/live at my boyfriend's house. They have a small holding and run a cider company with orchards and lots and lots of land and they have a menagerie of animals to look after; one of whom is the goose in question. This week late one night I drove home only to find one of the ganders was not in his designated area but was prowling the driveway and as the female is sitting on eggs, he was pretty flippin agressive. I am not ashamed to admit I have never been a fan of geese, I find them a bit terrifying because they really do run at you and thus, I wasn't overly keen about leaving my car. Funnily enough the goose was just about as keen for that to happen and when I did leave the safety of my car (after live tweeting it obvs) I got my boyfriend to come and rescue me and I had to sneak around all the cars to get away. Cut to the next morning when I went to leave again only to find the demon was back and this time had taken my car hostage. Obviously I did get out and have managed to leave the house since Tuesday but it was probably the best thing I have ever tweeted. 

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3. My Gal Is Home. 

Last week my brother and his girlfriend took their one year old 4 hours on a plan to spend his birthday in Greece and I was hideously jealous! It looked beautiful, they had a glorious time and I got lots done whilst my niece wasn't here! I babysit twice a week and see her at least once more a week if not more so needless to say she takes up a lot of my time! That being said it was bloody wonderful to have them back and have the house full of family and toys. 

4. Snapchat. 

This week my pal Hailey from Hailey Jade Ryan  messaged me to ask if I had snapchat and it just sort've cemented a feeling that I had that I might want to make a blog snapchat. Snapchat is one of them social media channels that is creeping more and more into people's subconscious as something to utilise not just for sending hideous selfies but more for business and branding. So yesterday I committed and signed up for a second account and I can already see the benefits. Idk, it's just another way of expressing yourself and if you're as dry and sarcastic as I am, something like Snap gives you an extra level you can't quite get across on Instagram or Twitter. 

So yeah, add me on Snapchat (username gr20smeltdown). Watch yo back Kylie Jenner. 


5. New Look!

If you're not reading this on Bloglovin you are probably reading from my blog and you'll have noticed I've had a bit of a makeover! I was meant to be blogging on Sunday morning and I don't really know what happened but essentially I spent two hours downloading a new template and then tweaking it and making it my own until, well, it looked like this! I am MADE UP with how it looks and it feels like blogging on an entirely different platform. Now I have categories and a search bar so you can actually find the content you're looking for and you have to click to read the posts which should sort out that pesky bounce rate. Bear with me for a few weeks mind, I have recategorised all my posts but now I need to go back and reformat all my promo photos to match the new layout. Give me time gal pals. 

I am writing this on Thursday evening so as of yet I don't know the election results so I hope it went the way you wanted and you have a lovely weekend of sunshine, less floods and lots of happy things! 





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