Hi! I'm Gwennan (that's Gwen-un) - the face and voice behind UK lifestyle blog twenty something meltdown. As the name suggests I'm your average twenty something Welsh gal navigating her way through life after graduation and frequently having a first world meltdown (most lately over the fact I'm spinning head first into my late twenties and wtf do I need to buy a new blog domain name for when I'm thirty or what?)

This blog started as a side line to my illustration business when I was in my final year of university in 2015 but took on this form back in January of 2016 when it became apparent this wasn't a one time fling with a blog platform and might actually be something I might like to pursue. I blog in the most sporadic of formats on what I want when I want; primarily running a creative business, life, blogging, opinions and the odd rant about social media that we all love to hate. My most successful blog posts are bullet journal themed which you can find in the handy tab at the top.

If I'm not blogging you can find me working as a training administrator, browsing homeware online, running around after my niece or on Whatsapp to my blog squad. Or eating something cheesy. 

 My blog has grown from nothing to a modest little something, racking up the pageviews and gaining a lovely, reliable and loyal following who seem to enjoy what I'm whittling on about. I've got the odd viral bullet journal pin floating around the internet and I was shortlisted for the Blogosphere Blog Awards 2017 under Lifestyle Blogger of the Year. You can also find my little smiley face on BBC news over here!

And if you're new here and don't know what to expect? Here's the key points you need to know;

- Don't expect anything. One day I'll be blogging about Instagram, the next I won't blog at all (but promise I will) and the following day it might be about out of context messages I sent to my Mum. Don't expect anything from me and hopefully I'll write something you enjoy (or at least make you laugh.)

- I am easily won over by a good GIF on Twitter. 

- I love chips and macaroni cheese and if you can send them to me together then we could basically be best friends.  

- I don't have a Welsh accent. I WILL disappoint you. 

- Similarly, can't speak it either. 

- I have a nut allergy, I have a cat called Mildred, I live on a cider farm, I have my ears pierced 3 times on each side, I don't like spicy food, I only learned to drive when I was 23, I went to university in Wrexham, I'm an illustrator and I have a fiancé called Joss.

- I am all over bullet journal blog posts and Instagrams with cool themes so send me your links plz and thank you.