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1 year in work | 1 year out of self employment

As of today I have been working for 395 days and it has gone by faster than you can say ‘regular money’. I think it says everything you need to know about how I’ve found working full time with the fact that I wanted to write this post for my 1 year of work anniversary on July 24th and yet here we are, nearly a month later.

12 things that have happened since we last spoke

It’s been a hot minute hasn’t it?

Blogging has yet again taken a back seat in my life - the story of 2019 - but I have wanted to type and get back into the swing of things for ages now so I thought what better way than a little catch up with everything that’s been going on.

It’s been a good month since we last spoke properly, if you ignore my Easter decor blog post which was very much a photo diary whim post to record for my own future reading. So let’s have a catch up shall we?

My Year Of Yes.

Back in January I really had a think about how I wanted 2018 to pan out for me. You can read the whole blog post here but to sum up, I wanted this year to be punctuated with more happy, fun memories than stress which would be exactly opposite to 2017. I decided to be selfish, at 25 I had a big ol' realisation of what the next few years of my life might be like and I decided to intentionally put fun first, something we forget all too often when you're navigating first homes and savings and car maintenance and bills and life. 

One Snowy Day....

The mini beast from the east returned didn't it? I was out of the country (in Venice) when it made it's first appearance, though it didn't stop it delaying my travel plans. I missed the chance to photograph the snow the first time around so when Derek the weatherman (if you know, you know) forecast snow and disruption for a second time this weekend I knew it was my chance. 

Yesterday morning, on what would have been a normal sleepy Sunday, Joss and I wrapped up warm in coats and wellies and woolies and took the dogs for a wander round the forest and the lake on our doorstep. 

2018 - A Year Of Intention.

I mean I kinda hate myself for the title of this post. 

I have always shied away from wanky phrases like living a life of intention or practicing mindfulness, I get it, I don't hate everyone who embraces it but it's never been for me. I've always been of the 'live in the moment and you don't have to tell anyone about it to prove you did it' kinda mindset.

Don't @ me this whole post is about how I changed my mind. 

The Importance Of Friendships In Your Twenties.

When you're in your teens your friends, the amount of them and the calibre of them were seemingly the most important thing in the world. If you had few friends you were a loser, if you had loads of friends you were popular and if you were part of the 'cool' ones then all the better. 

And then you leave school and go to university and graduate and start working life and those friends you had probably aren't your friends anymore and the rest of the world certainly doesn't know you were part of the popular crowd. Very quickly you're taught that actually it's the quality of friends you have that matters most over the quantity and having lots of friends isn't the be all and end all anymore. 

But your friendships in your twenties are just as important as those in your formative years - they're just important in a different way. 

Hello World - It's Monday.

It's Monday, it's a new week, it's sunny, I've got glittery nails and my birthday is rapidly approaching round the corner. If you're a regular reader you might have noticed that it's been a quiet one for me over the weekend. I normally blog every day or every two days but ya gal has had a 3 day break and that's why I'm here with a lil brain dump/catchup for you. 

I feel like I want to blog and I want to get typing but I've got like a half hour window to write this and I feel like everything I have planned in my schedule is too big a deal for that. So I'm taking my own advice and just getting typing so grab a morning brew and a slice of toast with jam on and settle in. 

Living In The Moment.

Living in the moment can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people I suspect. To me I guess it means being truly present in what you're doing, about appreciating what you have in front of you and also appreciating life is short and the moment is important. 

As a family and as I'm sure like most families we have experienced loss and I think for a short time at least it makes you stop and take stock and think. It makes you really think about yourself. about your problems, about what's important to you and what's not. I think when you experience loss or something dynamic in a family or a friendship group or a relationship you DO live in the moment - but it never seems to last. 

Life moves on, things go back to normal somewhat, day to day chores and arguments and nit picking resumes and you forget how you felt. I feel like very few of us hang on to that feeling and truly live in that moment. 

Things I've Grown Out Of.

I'll be 25 in October. My mid twenties. I will have left the 18-24 bracket for voting. I've grown up a lot (and haven't really grown up a lot at all). There's a lot in my 25 years that's stuck with me, like my nut allergy and my ability to sing Smack That by Akon, but some things I've definitely grown out of - and I don't just mean my babygros. 

Are We Always Looking For The Next Fresh Start?

I am always looking for a 'start date'. I might track goals and have aims but motivation is my main struggle. My bullet journal habit tracker works for me (for most things) because it focuses me to have a tick box, I feel like a failure if I don't tick it every day. I am always pushing my 'start date', looking for the next new week, the next month, the start of summer, New Years, my birthday.... I don't need much of an excuse to create a start date to motivate myself. 

21 Things You Learn With Your Own Home.

We've had our house for about 5 months now and we finally finished all the construction work and all the shopping and all the decorating in April. It doesn't matter if you've lived away from home before, been a student, whatever...nothing prepares you for having your own place and all the tiny random things you learn.