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144 Tabs I have open on my phone

I feel like what tabs you have open on your phone says a lot about you as a person. It’s your deepest darkest secrets, the worries you won’t tell anyone else and all your shopping habits you’re hiding from your other half.

49 Thoughts You Have Moving From Apple To Android.

For those of you who don't know I made the big commitment to sell up my dying iPhone and move to android about a fortnight ago. The move wasn't one I wanted to make but it was made out of necessity. My iPhone 6 was on it's last legs, I have a £7.50 sim only contract, I couldn't justify to myself getting a new iPhone contract but couldn't afford to spend £600+ on a new one and here we are. One order of a refurbished Samsung Galaxy 6 for under 200 quid later and my Apple days are no more. 

But with my move from Apple to Android came a few noticeable differences....

11 Things To Do On Christmas Day.

The big day is creeping ever closer and I've talked a lot about tradition over the past fortnight since I've been working on my 12 days series. There are some things we all do on Christmas Day and some things I think are maybe a bit more, niche shall we say, to each family. 

Think of it as a bucket list of sorts, a checklist of things to tick off with your loved ones on the 25th.

8 Ways To Make Christmas Last Ages (Or A Few Extra Days At Least)

So if you've read my post a few days back on why Christmas is the best time of the year then it'll come as no surprise that I like to make it last as long as possible. Sure it might be one date on the calendar but it starts December 1st we all know that. 

If you're also resembling Buddy the elf at this point in the week like I am then here's 8 ways to make it last as long as you possibly can - or at least longer than solely the 25th December. 

Things That Only Happen At The Supermarket (When You're Old)

There are some things in life that just happen without you noticing. One day Tesco is the place your Mum drags you to after school and you protest and make it misery until you're old enough to be life in the car...the next day you're a real life adult going to Tesco because it's your responsibility. 

There are some things that only happen at the supermarket when you're a certified old person. 

Things That Happened When I Moved Home For 10 Days.

If you haven't seen me wanging on about it over on Insta stories, you might be forgiven for not knowing I've moved back to my childhood home for 10 days whilst my parents are away to house/cat sit. 

Now I've not been officially moved out of my parents house all that long, only since January but having my own place has definitely changed my mentality on coming home, whether it IS home or not anymore and what I love and not so much love about it - but that's a future blog post in the making. 

Here's a list of a few things that happened when I, a nearly 24 and a half year old actual adult human, lived alone in my childhood house for 10 days;