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23 Things I Learned In My 23rd Year.

23 Things I Learned In My 23rd Year.

"Go shawty, it's your birthday"

Guess who's the big 2 4? Yes today is my birthday and being that day of celebration where I don't have time to blog because I'm opening so many presents*, I thought I'd crack on with the standard "XYZ I learnt in XYZ". Basic blog bitch fo life. 

*I scheduled this on Friday night, we can live in hope that someone posted me my entire birthday wishlist

1. Twenty Three sounds like a fake age. I don't know what it is but it just doesn't sound right. Twenty Four sounds like a much more appropriate age for a human.

2. Balsamic vinegar and sea salt crisps are the best invention man has ever created. 

3. I learnt to drive! Probs the biggest thing I learnt this year. 

4. I have a stronger constitution than I thought when it comes to changing nappies. 

5. Instagram is an art. 

6. I have been living the hygge life for a long long time without realising. 

7. Brands all know the rules but they'll still ask you for a Do Follow link. 

8. Most twenty somethings haven't got the foggiest idea what their life plan is. 

9. Autumn is my favourite season, it is confirmed. 

10. Online pals can still be as close as IRL pals. 

11. People will actually vote for Brexit, it's not a joke. 

12. People will actually vote for Donald Trump, it's not a joke. 

13. You can never have enough iPhone chargers in your life. 

14. Anxiety cannot be beaten but can at least be squashed enough. 

15. I'm actually pretty good at blogging. 

16. Primark jeans sizing is VERY different to your actual size. 

17. Game of Thrones is worth the hype. 

18. Moving in with a boy means twice the laundry but at least he'll do the dishes. 

19. Self assessment tax forms are the devil. 

20. Scheduling tweets will become the bane of your existence but you carry on doing it anyway because the fall in your engagement levels without it is criminal. 

21. A 16GB phone will never be enough. 

22. Nandos is over rated. 

23. Families can repair themselves. 

Happy hip hoppidty birthday to all the lovely babies of October 17th! It's a good day to be born. 











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