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AD | The Gift of a Break this Christmas

Starting a new job has been exhausting and whilst I’m fully in the swing of employment, everything else in my life has been a whirlwind so when Jet2 got in touch to talk Christmas breaks and hampers, it was a no brainer on my part.

This Christmas, for the last minute buys and the people you want to treat most - why not gift them the gift of a well deserved break.

Office Renovations And Inspiration

Finally finally, I have actually edited my photos of my office makeover which I finished renovating back in about August. I didn’t take any photos of the room beforehand because it was Jos’ brother’s bedroom but for those of you thinking of swapping your spare room for a home office or studio, I thought a few snaps might give you some ideas.

Halloween Decor Inspiration For 2018

A less wordy post from me today pals. I’ve been fretting about having these photos ready to go and no words to get out and then I realised - why do you even need words in a Halloween inspo post?

I want to get into the habit of absent minded blogging, of not fretting to make the perfect blog post, to just chuck some images for inspo up online and let you all have a nosey at my Halloween decorations.

But I digress, this isn’t about the state of blogging or where I’m taking my content - this is about Halloween for 2018 and the decorations I’ve collected over the year.

The Perfect Present For The Happy Couple | Wedding Guest Gift List.

Today's gift inspiration list is gifts for the happy couple on their wedding day. Ok sure so most people ask for cash toward their home or their honeymoon these days but ya know, if in the unlikely event you have to actually think of a gift or you want to get creative then this is the list for you. My top recommendation would 100% be the personalised cheeseboard because 1. who doesn't love cheese? And 2. I bought it as a Christmas gift last year and it's fab quality and a great personalised choice. 

Dresses, Outfits, Accessories & Shoes | Wedding Guest Outfit Wish List.

Today's list - wedding guest outfits. Last year I did a wish list for people who hate dresses but this year I have added dresses I'd genuinely wear as a strong dress hater (I might be changing my opinion on that tbh). I've got dresses, separates, jump suits, shoes, headpieces, bags, clutches and jewellery so you can mix and match all the pieces and combine them to make the dreamiest outfit ever. And there should be something to cater for all budgets too so if you're strapped for cash you might find something that'll make you feel fabulous and make your bank account happy too. 

28 Things To Buy The Bride To Be | Hen Party Wishlist

If your calendar is filled with wedding receptions, hen parties, dress shopping, bridesmaids weekends and other wedded bliss related events coming up this summer then I my love have got your back. For the next couple of days I will be sharing wish lists and shopping lists to have you covered for all your wedding needs; from hen parties to outfit inspiration to gifts for the happy couple, I have it all. 

The Dream Shopping List For Plant Lovers.

Oh hi just me creating a wish list for no other reason other than to find all the cacti themed things I didn't know I needed in my life. 

If like me you are obsessed with all things botanical then this is the shopping list for you. I mean sure, maybe also like me your boyfriend will cry if you bring more plant items into your home but hey, what does he know huh? 

So here's my top 35 picks from all range of budgets (yup, should have checked the price of that Urban Outfitters rug before I added it to the list) from the high street and online. 

Bedroom Wishlist | April 2018.

It's the last day of my wish list posts and today's comes in the form of your bedroom. One of the rooms you probably spend the least amount of time in awake but one you spend A LOT of time in during your life. It has to be calming, it has to be cosy and it has to be relaxing enough to send you to sleep - creating a bedroom really is a minefield. 

Bathroom Wishlist | April 2018.

This morning's wish list is maybe not the most glamorous of shopping lists but essential none the less. We spend so much time creating cosy bedrooms and living rooms and creating that Instagram worthy kitchen or home office but what about that unloved bathroom of yours? They're essential, they're not the fanciest of rooms in your house and you've got a lot of plumbing you need to fit in, without even thinking about tiles, flooring and grouting colours. 

Home Office Wishlist | April 2018.

This morning's wish list is geared around your home office/study/studio/spare room/blogging area/desk space. Most people granted do not have the luxury of a designated office space but chances are you're dreaming about one or you've managed to stick an Ikea desk in the corner of your spare bedroom and you're making do. 

Living Room Wishlist | April 2018

Today's wishlist is living room/lounge/TV room/den - whatever you call it. If the kitchen from yesterday is the hub of the home then the living room is the cosy retreat in our house. Our living room is modest, we have enough room for a sofa and two chairs and the TV and a coffee table that is obnoxiously big for the space. In the evenings we shut the door to keep the heat in, draw the curtains and turn the side lights on instead of the main light. 

Kitchen Wishlist | April 2018.

Today's homeware edit is all about the hub of most homes; the kitchen/dining space. These days a designated dining room is less and less popular and eating in the kitchen and open living is more desired. We have our table in the kitchen with a bench brought out for extra guests meaning we're able to fit 6 comfortably (and a tiny two year old squished in when my niece is here too!) 

What To Ask For For Easter If You Don't Like Chocolate

So I've written one of these twice now and they have gone down really well both times so here we are in 2018 with another wishlist. 

Easter is full of chocolate, we all know that, most of us have probably already eaten a sneaky egg already. But what if actually you're not that big a chocolate fan? What if you can't eat chocolate in your diet? 

Mother's Day UK High Street Gift Guide 2018.

Public service announcement: Mother's Day is on March 11th, just a fortnight away. You can thank me later. 

Mum's do a remarkable job don't they? I've spoken before about things my mother has taught me and the older I get the more and more I appreciate what a woman she is and what she's done for us all our little lives. And now my Mum is a grandmother to a fiesty two year old and I see it replicated, what she did for us, now she does for that little girl. 

For your Mum, your grandmother, your auntie, your sister, your friends, and whatever mother figure you have in your life - here's my top picks from the UK high street to treat her to. 

Valentine's Gift Guide For The Punny.

For those of you who have forgotten - V day is approaching us with rapid intensity. Next Wednesday in fact falls the most loved up day of the year and the high street is full of heart shaped balloons and those me to you teddies we always see at this time of year. 

If like me you're more concentrating on the day before (pancake day FYI, best day of the year) then this is the gift guide for you. My fav bit of valentines is by far the punny mugs and gifts that appear in our supermarkets and the high street has not let us down this year my friends. 

10 (very) Last Minute Gift Ideas.

It might have escaped your knowledge but it's Christmas on Monday. 

You can't go wrong with stuff for the home, mugs, cosy clothes or food and you can take any of these ideas and make them work for all the ladies and all the blokes in your life. Make haste and buy my last minute pals!