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Office Renovations And Inspiration

Office Renovations And Inspiration


Finally finally, I have actually edited my photos of my office makeover which I finished renovating back in about August. I didn’t take any photos of the room beforehand because it was Jos’ brother’s bedroom but for those of you thinking of swapping your spare room for a home office or studio, I thought a few snaps might give you some ideas.

I have always had my studio and run my business from my Mum’s house but when I started full time office work back in July I decided to bite the bullet, shut up shop and move it all to my own house and into my spare room. I didn’t have a lot of cash for the work (in fact I didn’t get my first pay cheque until a month later) so my dreams of an all white studio and bare wood floors were long gone and the green carpet will be staying until I can afford to take it out. I.e never.


The walls in this room were kinda yellow toned but we took some units off the walls which exposed unpainted areas so a tin of paint it was to be. I went for an off white which turned out a light grey which I actually loved when it went on and I used a baby pink tiny tin I had leftover from painting some furniture for the low wall under the desk.

Jos hung all my pictures and my notice board for me, I put up a new IKEA desk and shelving cubes and together we wrestled the massive sofa bed which folds out into a double from the other spare room to this one and I was pretty much complete.


The room isn’t huge but I wanted a massive long desk so I was able to have my iMac and printer one one end and leave the rest for drawing and I have to say it was one of my better investments. The shelving units are ya bog standard IKEA cubes but they work for holding all my bits and bobs for my business and there’s even room under the bed for packing boxes and all the bits for packaging orders.

I have always dreamt of a minimalist approach to my home with no clutter but really, I just like things so having a clean tidy mess free office was never going to happen. Luckily my desk being so huge I was able to fit TWO filing cabinets underneath it for all my paperwork and then all my excess boxes and paper and my equipment like my lightbox and shredder with plenty of room to swing my feet.


My office might not be the place I spend every day anymore but I feel SO motivated when I get the chance to get in there and work and I wish I’d had the courage to move my business 15 minutes up the road last year when I could have had the most benefit.

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