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Spring 2019 - A Mood

I don’t know about you but I am SO done with this winter. I am sick of the constant colds and sniffles, sick of the rain (although I appreciate this is Wales) and sick of not being able to wear less than 10 layers.

The sunshine of the past few days has got me dreaming about summer nights and evening jogs around the lake and driving with the windows down, but seen as June July and August are still a way off yet, I thought I’d embrace spring instead.

So here’s a few musings, a mood if you will, all about my love for spring 2019.

Using Your Bullet Journal For Work

This weekend marks four whole months of being employed and self employed and it’s taken me about that long to remove all the confidential information out of the photos of my bullet journal so you guys can see it.

It took me about three weeks to commit to a work bullet journal and I haven’t looked back. I went for navy because I am a young professional now and it’s probably got enough space to last me until January and then I’ll be into another one already I think.

Of course, everyone’s work is different so the techniques I use in my bullet journal might not work for you but hopefully it’ll give you some inspiration anyway.

Office Renovations And Inspiration

Finally finally, I have actually edited my photos of my office makeover which I finished renovating back in about August. I didn’t take any photos of the room beforehand because it was Jos’ brother’s bedroom but for those of you thinking of swapping your spare room for a home office or studio, I thought a few snaps might give you some ideas.

Job Hunting In Your Bullet Journal

I was job hunting for four slow months until I secured the interview that landed me this job and 84 applications later here we are. I tracked all of it in my bullet journal under the instruction of Mel and it definitely helped keep me sane when applications became monotonous.

Here’s what I tracked and why I tracked it and how it helped me job hunt…..

2 Years Of Bullet Journaling - A Birthday Celebration.

In May I had my two year blogging anniversary. Yes I remember the date well, yes I started mid way through the year the first time because I just couldn't wait till January to start what I suspected would be a new stationery addiction (and I was correct). 

It's safe to say bullet journaling has changed my life and that's no exaggeration. Aside from the major impact it's had on my productivity and the over haul of my organisation, it's generated a massive part of my audience and in some ways contributed to my Blogosphere Awards nomination because it definitely got my name out there to all those cherubs who voted for me. 

So here's a little appreciation to the humble bullet journal and our two year love affair;

Why I Need Two Bullet Journals Per Year & How To Migrate Over.

I am using my bullet journal as much as ever these days and I am loving it as much as I always have. I really feel like I have got into my groove with journaling and found a system that works really well for me and honestly I'd be lost without it. 

I have a shiny new berry coloured journal waiting in the wings to become my second journal of 2018 so let's get into it shall we? Why exactly do I use two Leuchtturms per year? 

What To Ask For For Easter If You Don't Like Chocolate

So I've written one of these twice now and they have gone down really well both times so here we are in 2018 with another wishlist. 

Easter is full of chocolate, we all know that, most of us have probably already eaten a sneaky egg already. But what if actually you're not that big a chocolate fan? What if you can't eat chocolate in your diet? 

Five Easy Cheap Ways To Update Your Workspace.

No matter what you do in life, chances are if you're reading this you have some sort of workspace in your home. Maybe it's an office or a corner of a spare room where you work from home. Maybe it's a desk in your bedroom to do your college work from? Maybe it's just a particular armchair you like to blog from in the evenings. Whatever it is - sometimes those workspaces get stale. 

You need to keep your workspace inspiring to keep you inspired and that often requires a bit of a revamp. I am one of these people who simply has to rejig things every 6 months or so or I get bored of my surroundings. When I lived at home or in uni I'd rearrange which side of the room my bed was on or where the wardrobe went so it's no surprise my office is the same. 

Here's 5 simple ways you can update your workspace to keep it exciting for as little effort or cost as possible.  

7 Failsafe Ways To Motivate Yourself When You Work From Home.

Working freelance from home sure has it's perks there's no doubt about that. 

There's the lack off office politics, there's the free timetables, the ability to take a day off on a whim, not having to fill in time sheets and don't even get me started on the perks of working from your sofa. 

But for all it's highlights of course, like any job it has it's pitfalls. Working from home and working for yourself has it's strains and the biggest of all comes from the knowledge that you and you alone are making your cash. Sick day? You ain't getting paid. Holiday? You're losing money as the days go on. 

It can be a ballache for your mojo so here's 7 of my failsafe ways to stay motivated when working from home:

9 Christmas Day Outfit Ideas.

The Christmas day outfit is like a right of passage for some of us. For some, it's the last thing on our minds but for others we've started planning it in about September. 

Me personally I am somewhere in the middle? It's definitely always a day for 'dressing up' in my house but you also have to be warm and comfortable so I tend to sack off the jeans for one day and normally opt for my tartan skirt from years ago, a christmas jumper, wooly tights and a pair of slippers. 

Whether you dress up or dress down or don't get dressed at all - here's 9 high street outfit ideas if you're looking to make a last minute treat yo damn self purchase. 

5 Ways To Wrap Your Christmas Presents*

Aside from eating turkey sandwiches and putting up the decorations, wrapping is probably my favourite Christmas activity. I love wrapping presents at the best of times and this time of year means I have about 20 million individual parcels to festoon with ribbon and bows and tags and I am in my element. 

Here's my top 5 Pinterest inspired ways to wrap presents that even the least crafty of us can master....

Pinspiration - October 2017.

It's my birthday month people -insert all the celebration and dancing ladies emojis here- 

We're into my favourite month and can you tell the theme of this post? I'm all about the burnt orange colours at the moment, I think it's one of my favourite colours and my Pinterest is just full of it at the moment. I have done the cliche thing and ordered some fake leaves for blog photos so look out for them this week in my posts. 

This month is all about the cosy hygge vibes in my life and I hope you'll make it a priority in yours too. This time of the year is all about looking after yourself, eating good old fashioned hearty food like stews and pies, staying home in pjs or going out for something mulled with friends. Get the scarves out, get the slippers out, get the bobble hats on your head and the wooly sheep coats on your backs and enjoy Autumn in full swing. I know I will. 

Ways I Make The Bullet Journal System Work For Me.

The bullet journal system as devised by Ryder Carroll is set to make note taking and list making simple in an increasingly busy world. It's basically a way of 'rapid logging' which is devised into a series of steps which includes things like titling each page, numbering them, bulleting, noting, logging and prioritising. 

The point of the system is to make it simple to organise and plan in a very personalised manner - but what if the system doesn't work for you? You need to make it suit, something I have just about mastered. 

Pinspiration; August 2017.

Ok so yes normally these go live on the first of the month but my blog was having a makeover and here we are, the 6th of August and only just seeing this post. In my eyes, inspiration needn't be for the beginning, for something new, we can gain it at any time - and use it. 

My Real Life Bullet Journal Pinterest Board.

If you read my bullet journal blog posts regularly or just lust over them on Instagram, you might be forgiven for thinking every page is perfect, a masterpiece, a sight to behold. And the reason for this? I cover up all the shit ones. 

I take pride in making my bullet journal as well as productive and functional. I am an illustrator, designing things and drawing comes second nature to me, I find it as easy as I find breathing. So what happens when I spoil a page? When I mess up a layout, when I draw a spread and hate it? I did, in my first journal, cut a page out. The journal fell apart. 

These days I have found a much more creative way of using a page I hate and making it into something I love - because that's rule 101 of bullet journaling; you make it your own.