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Job Hunting In Your Bullet Journal

Job Hunting In Your Bullet Journal


It’ll come as no surprise to those of you who read this blog regularly, but two months ago I got a new job. If that’s the gossip you’re after, you can read about it here but if it’s bullet journal tips you’re after….read on.

I was job hunting for four slow months until I secured the interview that landed me this job and 84 applications later here we are. I tracked all of it in my bullet journal under the instruction of Mel and it definitely helped keep me sane when applications became monotonous.

Here’s what I tracked and why I tracked it and how it helped me job hunt…..


What To Track;

When it came to tracking job applications, I got really invested in the details and although it was quite time consuming, it really did help me when it came to quickly looking for information.

Job hunting can be really samey especially when the bulk of it is done online these days through applications sites. It can be hard to remember where you are and what you’ve applied for when you’re mindlessly sending CV after CV after CV. However you lay it out, whether it be a spreadsheet style or page by page like mine, here’s a few ideas on what to track;

  • company

  • position

  • job title

  • job role

  • salary

  • working hours

  • location

  • where you applied

  • how far through the application process you are

  • contact details

  • whether you’ve heard back or not

  • progressed to interview or not

  • any additional needs or requirements for the application (online test, trial day etc)


How To Track It;

Like I mentioned above, I went hard in on the details when I was organising my job hunting but in hindsight I probably would have set up more of a table kinda spreadsheet vibe to track it all. When you’re applying for so many jobs each title can get lost amongst companies and wages lost among hours so keeping it all written down helps you know where you are.

My top tips for tracking;

  • be clear and concise

  • keep the formula the same for every application

  • use a check or tick list as much as possible

  • write down every one (don’t be tempted to miss a few when you’ve applied to loads)

  • keep it together, maybe block off a few pages at a time or work from the back of your journal toward the front

  • keep it close - there is no point having every piece of information about a job in your bujo if your bujo is at home and you are on a train


How It Can Help You Land A Job;

Ok so sure I can’t actually promise it’ll land you your dream job but it deffo can give you a start and some transferrable skills. Using your bullet journal to help you track job hunting will keep you sane, keep you organised and hopefully keep you motivated. Whether you have a phone interview, a face to face interview or a series of challenges to complete and your first born to give up to secure the dream job, having all the info there to hand will be essential.

Skills your bujo has given you;

  • great organisation

  • creativity

  • ability to pick up your strengths

  • and equally your weaknesses (hello habit tracker)

  • discipline

So take your bullet journal forth, apply for that dream job, nail your interviews and prosper!

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