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Job Hunting In Your Bullet Journal

I was job hunting for four slow months until I secured the interview that landed me this job and 84 applications later here we are. I tracked all of it in my bullet journal under the instruction of Mel and it definitely helped keep me sane when applications became monotonous.

Here’s what I tracked and why I tracked it and how it helped me job hunt…..

11 Things Blogging Has Taught You To Add To Your CV.


So you might not be the next Zoella. So you might not have 100,000,000 pageviews to your name. So you might not be working with Charlotte Tilbury or be the next face of ASOS, but you'd be surprised how much you've gained from your blog. 

Whether it's a full time job, a side hustle or just a hobby - your blog has given you a million and one transferrable skills to add to your CV, talk about in your next job interview and give you good stead and experience for your next career move. 

Here's 11 things to get on your LinkedIn page immediately.