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SHOP SMALL: Valentines Day Cards #JustACard

I don't mean to alarm you but Valentine's Day is fast approaching and it's about that time of year you start thinking about what card and gift you're going to get for bae.

#JustACard it might be to you, but to us who have spent months designing them (we probably started just after Christmas) your £2.50 adds up to everyone else's small change and creates us a business which means we can pay our bills and stock up on new designs to keep our shop stocked. 

Here's my top picks from some of my favourite designers (and myself, cheeky cheeky) for you to buy for V day 2018;

How To Take Your Small Business On Holiday.

So you have a small business? So you've just booked a buzzing holiday? But now what? How do you keep your lil business ticking along whilst you're gone? 

I've been running my business for 2 years this August and since then I've been on 2 summer holidays and a bunch of mini breaks so I've learnt a thing or two about the best way to put your livlihood on holiday mode and fully switch off from your biz. 

A Note On Small Businesses.

As a small business owner for two years this Summer, I've learnt the odd thing about what to expect, what comes as a surprise and a whole heap about customer service. Running a business is difficult, it's not all creating lovely things and making loadsa cash, in fact it's quite the opposite a lot of the time. With that in mind, here's a few notes on dealing with a small businesses, from a small business owner.