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SHOP SMALL: Valentines Day Cards #JustACard

SHOP SMALL: Valentines Day Cards #JustACard


I don't mean to alarm you but Valentine's Day is fast approaching and it's about that time of year you start thinking about what card and gift you're going to get for bae. That fear over is it even a big deal? Are we even submitting to the consumerism this year? What if I get them one and they don't get me one back? Are flowers tacky? The questions are never ending. 

Luckily I'm here to answer one of your burning Q's - where am I going to get a card? 

This year, why not leave the mad dash to the shops for last minute chocs and a shit card to everyone else? This year shop small, have it delivered to your door in plenty of time and support an independent creator whilst you're at it. This year don't shop in the supermarket, don't pick something up in Paperchase; shop small on Etsy, Not On The High Street or from individual creators and earn all the brownie points with a hilariously funny, beautifully designed card your boo will love. 

#JustACard it might be to you, but to us who have spent months designing them (we probably started just after Christmas) your £2.50 adds up to everyone else's small change and creates us a business which means we can pay our bills and stock up on new designs to keep our shop stocked. 

Here's my top picks from some of my favourite designers (and myself, cheeky cheeky) for you to buy for V day 2018;

1. A Timeline In Underwear - £2.95 WeArePaperPlane via Etsy

2. Box of Chocolates - £3.00 Hutch&Willow via Etsy.

3. 'Be Mine' - £3.00

4. 'Get Jiggy With It' - £2.29 Native21 via Etsy.

5. 'Caru Ti' Welsh love card - £1.75 GwennansIllustration via Etsy. 

6. 'You And Me Always' - £2.75 CJDESIGNSPAPER via Etsy. 

7. 'We Are Pawsome Together' - £2.50 DorkfaceShop via Etsy

8. Jeremy Corbyn card - £2.49 Native21 via Etsy.

9. Donald Trump card - £2.49 Native21 via Etsy

10. Eggsquisite card - £1.25 GwennansIllustration via Etsy

11. The Only Person I Like - £2.50

12. I Promise To Watch..... - £2.50 Hutch&Willow via Etsy

13. I Love You Sign - £3.50

14. 'I love you more than Donald Trump loves himself' - £1.95 GwennansIllustration via Etsy

15. 'Never leaf me' - £3.00

16. 'I really love you' - £3.00

17. 'I don't mean to be cheesy' - £1.70 GwennansIllustration via Etsy

Make sure to tag us all in your V day purchases!! 
















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