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How To Create The Ultimate Care Package.

This post came requested from a lovely school friend who recently got sent not one but six care packages over the course of a fortnight when she was in need of a little cheering up. She was pretty happy with her mini care packages and mentioned she'd never have had the thought, nor the ideas of what to put in the parcels.

A care package for those not in the know is a little parcel, letter, card or collection sent in the post or delivered in person when someone needs it most. A way of cheering someone up, letting them know you care and you love them, a way of helping when you sometimes can't physically be there. 

The Importance Of Friendships In Your Twenties.

When you're in your teens your friends, the amount of them and the calibre of them were seemingly the most important thing in the world. If you had few friends you were a loser, if you had loads of friends you were popular and if you were part of the 'cool' ones then all the better. 

And then you leave school and go to university and graduate and start working life and those friends you had probably aren't your friends anymore and the rest of the world certainly doesn't know you were part of the popular crowd. Very quickly you're taught that actually it's the quality of friends you have that matters most over the quantity and having lots of friends isn't the be all and end all anymore. 

But your friendships in your twenties are just as important as those in your formative years - they're just important in a different way. 

What It's Really Like Going Away With Bloggers.

"My parents said I shouldn't talk to strangers I booked a holiday with them."

This very much became the quote of the weekend when I went to Hampshire with my blogging pals. Ok so we weren't all strangers this weekend but we were at one point. Last summer Sarah had the idea of hosting a bloggers picnic and created a Twitter DM with us in it and the rest as they say is history. We were all game for organising the picnic and as most of you know, we hosted BloggersPitP (Bloggers Picnic In The Park) together in London in 2016. 

Having met in real life on the most part we made the ultimate commitment and gave out our phone numbers and made the transition to Whatsapp. We haven't really stopped talking since then, if one member of the group goes out you can regularly expect to come back to 300+ messages. 

So we did what any friendship group does when they're hankering to escape real life and take loads of candid photos - we booked a weekend away in Hampshire in the countryside. 

Friday Favourites 2nd - 15th September 2017.

Hi soz I don't want to talk to you because it's been a week since I set off on my travels to see the blog squad in Hampshire and I am sad. 

But I can probably eek a few Friday Favourites out if you really want me to. 

It feels like we've been waiting for this weekend together for so long it's like it suddenly came around and I was all 'no no it's too soon I want the excitement to continue' and now it's over it's like shit what now? Isn't that always the way with holidays? So naturally we're thinking about what we can do before Christmas sets in......

Friday Favourites 24th June - 7th July 2017.

Another fortnight has flown by and suddenly we're in July and what even? This fortnight has been a weird one, I feel like I am weaning my way back into work and normal life after jury service finished, it's so strange to say that when it was only 2 weeks of my life but there we are. 

The first week of this little review was when I was still on jury service so you'll have to excuse me for the ridiculous amount of TV on here, it was all I could do to come home, plonk myself on the sofa and watch something, I literally didn't have it in me to do anything else. 

Friday Favourites 10th - 23rd June 2017.

Well shit it's been a fucker of a fortnight to write about Favourite's hasn't it? From the fallout from the election to Grenfell to the terror attack in London on Monday to today - a happy one year anniversary of Brexit. 

But as always, here I am to say that whilst the world is falling apart and we're facing some of the toughest things thrown at this little island, there are small every day things to make us smile. Here's mine from the last 2 weeks...