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Friday Favourites 14th - 25th November.

Friday Favourites 14th - 25th November.

FF 25.11.2016

FF 25.11.2016

How it's been a fortnight since I wrote my last Friday Favourites is beyond me honestly. 

Update: After writing this I remembered I posted the last update on a Sunday and I'm writing this on a Thursday so that explains why it doesn't feel all that long ago.....

November is nearly done with and here we are on the last Friday of the month and I've been so busy I forgot to note down any favs. Yeah, any. I had to really cast my mind back and have a look on social media and in my bullet journal to find out what I have done let alone what I enjoyed and as most of it was babysitting and working and walking, it explains why there's a butt load of TV on the list. 

Hopefully I'll have more time to write a bit of a chatty update on my monthly round up next week although considering I haven't blogged 7 days of the month (last time I did that was about May) who knows what's coming your way this week. 

1. Talking Tables. 

These loves never fail to surprise me. Last week I think it was I was having a shocker of a day and yet again, TT managed to send me some blogger mail at the exact right time. I was busy on the phone for about an hour sorting out my car insurance and whilst I was on hold for about the 48th time, my Mum answered the door to the BIGGEST delivery addressed to me. Inside was a magnitude of exciting Christmas goodies from Talking Tables (if you haven't heard me rave about them before, they did the decorations for #BloggerPitP) and you can bet your life you'll see them cropping up on my blog and social media in the next month!

2. The Grand Tour. 

Omg. Last weekend Top Gear on the biggest budget (aka The Grand Tour) premiered on Amazon Prime and omfg I loved it. I am 100% not an advocate for the whole debacle under which the BBC ended their contracts with the presenters but I just bloody loved the show and I was excited to see it return basically the same but with a new name a fluffed up budget. I have Amazon Prime and a Fire Stick anyway but even if I hadn't, I seriously would have considered buying one anyway just for the show. I took my device over to my parents house last Sunday because only me and Dad watch it and we cried with laughter all the way through. The scale was insane, think Mad Max opening montage and then they throw in some jets. Like it was so good I can't even. Just go watch if you used to be a fan of old Top Gear and it won't disappoint. 

3. Rainy Walks. 

I've often mentioned that me and my niece spend a lot of time outdoors and I also mentioned briefly about how I was taking up running again. That lasted all of about 2 months and then life got in the way again and I started making excuses again but now I have found a form of exercise that I actually enjoy and that my social media can thank me for. I walk a dog in the village that belongs to a neighbour at least twice a week at the moment and we go out for an hour or so in a variety of places and at the pace he sets; I can assure you it isn't a leisurely stroll. I get about as much of a work out as I did when I was running andddd most of my Instagram photos come from enjoying my time in the countryside with him and particularly of late I have weirdly enjoyed walking in the rain. It's kinda cool and refreshing and nice to see everything so misty and wintery. Kinda. 

4. Christmas Shopping. 

Obviously Christmas is well under way in my world, I mentioned I'd already done my main shopping day in my last Friday Favourites and I haven't really stopped since.  I normally have a solid plan of what I'm getting people from about October but I don't know what it was about this year but I struggled. I think maybe it was due to being so busy the past few weeks I hadn't had time to think about it or maybe it was not going shopping beforehand I hadn't physically seen what was in the shops but I did struggle. Luckily I *think* I have everyone sorted now and whilst some people are completely done, I at least have an idea and a list of everything else we need to get and my wardrobe of secrets is filling up nicely! 

5. The Walking Dead. 

Right so I'm one season behind most American shows because I don't have Sky and I don't illegally stream them because me and my Dad and brother watch most things together so on the whole we watch things a year/6 months late. That does mean however I am privy to a lot of spoilers so don't worry, I know what's happening in season 7. I did just finish season 6 of The Walking Dead though and whilst the ending really wasn't as dramatic knowing what's to come, it's actually the less shocking spoilers that shocked me the most. Because I heard of the big things, some of the smaller ones, or ones that might not have been such an impact as if say Daryl or Rick died, I spent a lot of time gasping in horror. It was a corker of a series apart from Carol's storyline (like wtf hun) and I can't wait for season 7, spoilers or no spoilers. 

6. Game Of Thrones. 

From one boxset to the next one, again, I know what happens for the most part of season 6 of GOT but I have just started watching it on DVD anyway. The absolute best part of having a DVD boxset is binge watching and if something exciting happens you can just immediately start the next one without waiting a week - or worse, a mid season break. Joss bought GOT yesterday and we're 5 episodes in and YES SO GOOD. So pleased I got into this a few months back and watched all 5 series in the summer. 

7. First Month Of Advertising.

November has been the first month I have had advertisers with me and I have LOVED having these little cherubs on my side bar and on my social media. The best part of advertising is finding new blogs to follow, new social media accounts to follow and I have enjoyed having the excuse to check in with these gals all month. There's still a few days until most of them leave me (some are staying on into December) and a new group join so make sure you go and have a nosey at them all or have a read of this post to get to know them better!

8. Christmas Plans. 

On the whole I find being busy a bit stressful. Like don't get me wrong I don't like my weeks to be filled with nothing but I don't like being so busy that I don't even have a whole day allocated to my work which is how the last few weeks have been. Every spare minute has been filled (hence blogging has been lacking for my normal posting schedule) and I hate the feeling of constantly being rushed. But that all kinda changes when it comes to about December and suddenly my diary is filled with lovely festive things like seeing friends and family cos that's just what the British do isn't it? Meet up at Christmas to see people you only see once a year. So far I have coffees and catch ups and a day in Bristol with my university flatmate and *hopefully* a biggish reunion of my school friends and a quiz and various family events and a day with Joss' extended family and it all sounds wonderful!

9. Kermit Memes. 

I thought my absolute favourite social media sensation of this month was the Joe Biden/Barack Obama memes but then the Kermit/Inner Kermit came along and I just die. There are some proper dodgy ones but on the whole they are bloody hilarious and now the one of Miss Piggy about the lipstick undertones is out, I feel like bloggers love it as much as I do. This one has to be my ultimate favourite though, it made me laugh for a lot longer than was appropriate. 

10. Instagram Grid. 

My Instagram and me have a love hate relationship that I'm sure all bloggers can relate to. I love using it, it's definitely my favourite social media platform but OMFG HOW WILL I EVER BUILD A FOLLOWING ON THERE. I think since the algorithm my following has been about the same and actually it's only when I set and take stock of the fact I have around 850 followers at any one time (sometimes a bit higher) I think how the flipping flip did I even get that many? However, my feed at the moment is making me feel a bit haps and a bit proud because I feel like my maybe sorta not really theme is working, whatever it is I am doing. Because I have an editing theme not a content theme I think it works that in the summer it was all bright sunny photos of picnics and the beach and it has sorta transitioned into Autumn leaves and moody skies without really loosing the fact it's mine? It just kinda works and I like the way it looks now.  

11. Holidays Are Coming. 

Yassss finally! A few days after it was trending on Twitter it had appeared I missed the first shot of the iconic Coca Cola advert on TV but then yesterday I saw it once and have now seen it on basically every ad break since. It's just not Christmas without it, I was genuinely beaming with that familiar start up - although wtf happened to the tune at the end?

12. A Weekend Away. 

When this goes live I should hopefully be packing for a weekend away in Bath but will more realistically be binge watching GOT and stressing about the fact I haven't done any packing. I am going to Bath for the Christmas Markets tomorrow and Sunday with my Mum and two of our friends who we've known since me and Gab went to romp and roll together aged 3. We're leaving early tomorrow morning for a girls weekend of shopping and eating and feeling festive and I can't bloody wait to just get away for a little bit. Oh and my social media should be full of Christmassy snaps so that's fun for you! 

Hope you all have a gorgeous weekend and don't forget to get your Christmas shopping sorted! 4 weeks to go!













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