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6 Things People Don't Tell You About Blogger Friendships.

6 Things People Don't Tell You About Blogger Friendships.


Blogger friendships. We hear a lot about them - we hear about amazing ones, we hear about bitchy ones, we hear about groups that have loads of them, we hear pleas from bloggers who don't have them. It's a buzzword, it's an aspiration, it's a club, it's a clique and it's a joy if you're fortunate enough to be part of one. 

I've written about my blog friendships plenty of times from organising an event with strangers to our weekend away to being present at one of our weddings. I have lucked out massively with Sarah, Mel, Hannah and Effi but there's still the odd blogger pal cliché that needs myth busting imo. 

1. They give you SEO and editing advice. 

I mean sure we pick Hannah's brains every now and then but mostly they give you advice on your outfit choice for the day, what to have for tea, where to go on holiday, how to tell your shit friends to stick it, whether or not you should move house, how to plan your wedding, how to spend a bank holiday, how to cut down on meat, where to do your supermarket shop, what to watch on TV, how to layout your bujo and whether or not you should fancy Matt Healy. Basically anything that doesn't involve blogging. 

 2. They help with blog motivation. 

I wanted to write a blog post tonight and I didn't know what to write about so I asked my number one gals. Their suggestions? Write about Effi, flowers, Eurovision, Tuesdays, plants, flowers, BBQ, flowers, plants, food, Effi, road trip snacks, road trips, poem, short story, food, plants, plants, flowers, blomster (?), Mel, flowers. In the end I decided based on that alone I should construct a blog post all about that very list and how unhelpful they were so maybe they weren't that unhelpful really. Maybe. 

3. They meet you in coffee shops for flatlays and doughnuts. 

I mean sure if you have local blog friends then maybe you do do this on the reg but if like me your blog friendships formulated online then chances are they don't live close enough to pop for a coffee - especially if one of your friends decides to selfishly move abroad.. Instead of cute cafes and doughnuts we're more about travelling a few hundred miles, cute Air B&Bs, cooking for the 10 thousand and a shed load of laughter. 

4. They take great candid photos of you.

Oh away with bloggers they said. They'll take great candid photos of you they said. I don't think I need any words for this one. 


5. They're like your colleagues.

I see a lot about blogger friendships being like your alternative colleagues for an industry not based in an office but I have never found it like that. We're on all different levels of our blogging game, we never meet up at lunchtime and we definitely don't see each other as competition. There's no office politics, we don't have a boss (but if we did I think it'd be Effi cos so wise) and our commute is much more "see you in 5 hours" than car share. 

6. They aren't like IRL friends. 

Ohhh but they are. They're new friends, friends formed in a different way, met in a new circle but they're real life valuable friends all the same. They're the girls I text all day every day, they're the girls I vent to, they're the girls who send me surprise cards and handmade headbands, they're the girls who supported my blog from day 1 and they're the girls who share their lives and secrets with me and I miss the bloody bones off the lot of em. 














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