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49 Thoughts You Have Moving From Apple To Android.

For those of you who don't know I made the big commitment to sell up my dying iPhone and move to android about a fortnight ago. The move wasn't one I wanted to make but it was made out of necessity. My iPhone 6 was on it's last legs, I have a £7.50 sim only contract, I couldn't justify to myself getting a new iPhone contract but couldn't afford to spend £600+ on a new one and here we are. One order of a refurbished Samsung Galaxy 6 for under 200 quid later and my Apple days are no more. 

But with my move from Apple to Android came a few noticeable differences....

Pinspiration; August 2017.

Ok so yes normally these go live on the first of the month but my blog was having a makeover and here we are, the 6th of August and only just seeing this post. In my eyes, inspiration needn't be for the beginning, for something new, we can gain it at any time - and use it.