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10 Things That Happened This Week.

10 Things That Happened This Week.

Shamlessly plugging that new Insta theme ( read here )

Shamlessly plugging that new Insta theme (read here)

So I do my fortnightly Friday Favs sure and I mention what I'm up to in blog intros sure and sometimes I have a bit of a brain dump sure and I use Instagram as a way of chatting about my day...all true. But you know what I don't do? Just chat about the utterly random parts of life, the weird and wonderful things that happen, the complete nonsense that is the life behind twenty something meltdown. 

I used to use Twitter for that, like when I got trapped in my car by a goose or when that same goose wouldn't let me back in the car the following day. But then life got busy and my tweets got less goose related and more promo when I have the time and thus, this is how we've ended up at what may possibly become a new series if I start remembering to note down the more bizarre situations I find myself in. Like when I got chased by a turkey...but that's another story. 

1. I noticed I had another piece of tooth growing behind my last tooth in the row and spent half an hour having a MELTDOWN over the fact I had an extra tooth and omfg I have a dental appointment due and I can't go because they'll know I have an extra tooth and I'll be a freak and omfg what is wrong with me. And then I googled and found out it's actually my wisdom tooth cutting through. 

2. I learnt the names of 11 of the current my little ponies (FYI, not a massive fan) because I have a one year old niece and we must all learn. Rainbowdash is my fav naturally. 

3. About 10 days after being fixed for a leak in the boot, my car leaked again. It's actually coming from the roof and has been since December but none of us noticed. The fabric on the roof of the car is SOAKING and I think it might go mouldy. Cute. 

4. I realised I was not only 2 seasons behind on KUWTK (how?????) but also 7 episodes behind on the current season on UK tv. Instead of doing the normal thing and illegally downloading it to catch up, I'm now paying per episode on Amazon Prime. And I am genuinely ok with that. 

5. We put together an IKEA chest of drawers and managed to put the runners on the wrong side. They were labelled which was for the left and which was for the right. 

6. We got a new freezer delivered last week and this week we managed to get one of the drawers jammed. We haven't bothered to try and fix it. There are meatballs in there. I fear we will never bother to fix it and they will remain there for the lifetime of the freezer. 

7. The dog has turned into a child and had me up every 2 hours one night to let him outside/run round like a maniac. The following night he wanted to go out at 3.30am. My boyfriend doesn't even stir. 

8. I created a table centre for my coffee table which is actually just a sneaky place to put all of my candles and cacti and fake plants and random gold interiors. Every day Joss comes home there's something new in the arrangement and I'm not sure he's noticed. It started as 3 candles, there are now 12 elements. 

9. I said I was making toad in the hole on Friday night. I didn't bother to get any eggs in. 

10. The picnic baes Whatsapp group had a conversation about sex through the under appreciated art of emojis only. It was not the first time. It was not even the second time. 
















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