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Bumper Christmas Friday Favourites 9th - 29th December 2017.

Well flippin heck this seems a bit alien doesn't it? It seems like a million years ago I last wrote a blog, scheduled a tweet or did anything on social media that wasn't just browsing and the break was uhhhmazing.

My break from proper work is extending well into the first week of January but I am back with my bumper Friday Favourites from the past three weeks, and the last one of the year as promised. I have loved the time off but also found myself sitting in front of Christmas TV with my fingers tapping away itching to get back online. But I resisted until today so I had some proper time off and I am ready to get back into the swing of things in the new year. 

But enough about what's to come, here's 33 yes THIRTY THREE favourite moments of the last 3 weeks that have passed. 

Friday Favourites 11th - 24th November 2017.

A month today will be Christmas Eve how about that? 

I think this fortnight can be summed up as tired. I haven't been sleeping particularly well and my life is mega busy so I was feel a bit downtrodden and knackered and like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders last week. This week though I've had a few nights where I've slept much better and it's done me the world of good and I've got loads of blogging done and am feeling pretty great about it. 

The next week though is set to be even busier (more on that further down the post) so I'm taking a moment this Friday lunchtime to reflect on the past two weeks and all the nicer bits. 

Friday Favourites 28th October - 10th November 2017

Oh hi, the last time I wrote one of these it was October. No biggie. 

Now it's November I am very much in the Christmas spirit - I'm sorry but I'm one of those people. I heard my first Christmas song in a shop today, I have googled this years Christmas decorations approx 10 times and I have 3 cardboard boxes in my spare room of presents. 

This past fortnight has been as busy as ever but it's been a pleasant sort of busy, with lots of fun festive types of things, lots of work and the odd bar of chocolate or two. But onto the favourites....

Friday Favourites 2nd - 15th September 2017.

Hi soz I don't want to talk to you because it's been a week since I set off on my travels to see the blog squad in Hampshire and I am sad. 

But I can probably eek a few Friday Favourites out if you really want me to. 

It feels like we've been waiting for this weekend together for so long it's like it suddenly came around and I was all 'no no it's too soon I want the excitement to continue' and now it's over it's like shit what now? Isn't that always the way with holidays? So naturally we're thinking about what we can do before Christmas sets in......

Friday Favourites 19th August - 1st September 2017.

Somehow we have arrived in September of 2017 and there's like 4 months left of the year and wtf I am screaming. Luckily we were spoiled a bit with a 4 day week and next week I only have a 4 day week too and omfg so excited. Also can we just discuss the weather? Is that a terribly British thing to do? But I have a theory that it's always sunny when the kids go back to school and I haven't been proved wrong yet so just sayin......

Friday Favourites 22nd July - 18th August 2017.

Bet ya wondered if I'd given up on this series hadn't ya? Or maybe you just didn't notice I haven't posted one in nearly a month.....

I write my Friday Favourites fortnightly but the day my last instalment was due my blog was still undergoing some major renovations (more on that later) and I toyed with the idea of doing it on another day but in the end I decided I'd just wait 4 weeks and then post. Verdict? About 4 out of 10, wouldn't avoid but  wouldn't recommend to a friend. 

It was a lot. It was a lot to remember and it seems like a lifetime ago I did some of this and man oh man am I glad I wrote them down! So strap yourselves in and grab a brew, this is a long one. 

Friday Favourites 8th - 21st July 2017.

It's been a busy old fortnight, every day has been taken up with something or other and whilst I've had to leave a few blog posts unfinished and unposted but actually my motivation and inspiration levels are on a high. My parents are away for a fortnight and I've moved back to theirs to house and cat sit and I am taking the opportunity of being away from everyone and everything to crack on and do all the things I want to do. I want to update my media kit and get loads of blogs scheduled and fix all my broken links and make a master plan of where I want to take my blog and I am pumped to get going. 

Friday Favourites 24th June - 7th July 2017.

Another fortnight has flown by and suddenly we're in July and what even? This fortnight has been a weird one, I feel like I am weaning my way back into work and normal life after jury service finished, it's so strange to say that when it was only 2 weeks of my life but there we are. 

The first week of this little review was when I was still on jury service so you'll have to excuse me for the ridiculous amount of TV on here, it was all I could do to come home, plonk myself on the sofa and watch something, I literally didn't have it in me to do anything else. 

Friday Favourites 10th - 23rd June 2017.

Well shit it's been a fucker of a fortnight to write about Favourite's hasn't it? From the fallout from the election to Grenfell to the terror attack in London on Monday to today - a happy one year anniversary of Brexit. 

But as always, here I am to say that whilst the world is falling apart and we're facing some of the toughest things thrown at this little island, there are small every day things to make us smile. Here's mine from the last 2 weeks...

Friday Favourites May 27th - June 9th 2017.

I want to start out by saying now that I wrote this last night whilst watching the election polls come in but as I write it I have no idea the election result. So hopefully it's gone the way you want and you're celebrating and if it hasn't and you're feeling dejected and sad and maybe scared I send you lots of hugs and tea. 

Now we've got that out the way let's move onto the Favourite's shall we?