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Friday Favourites 18th February - 3rd March 2017

Friday Favourites 18th February - 3rd March 2017

FF 03.03.2017

FF 03.03.2017

Well isn't the year just flying by? 

Just look at the sunshine and the flowers and the warmer weather and oh my god is that bare leg season I see peeping around the corner? No. Jeans all year round is my vibe. 

The past fortnight since my last FF instalment has been busy busy with the house and shopping and lots of time spent with family. And weirdly moving houses which has happened to a lot of people and fam and friends lately. 

The next fortnight my car is in the garage and the rugby is back on and it's my boyfriend's birthday which he has some annual leave for so we'll have a nicely busy weekend, doing fun things and celebrating rather than just the supermarket run and cleaning. 

1. We Are Family.

My family have always been close, we've always spend a lot of time together. We see my grandparents twice a week, I still go home 5 days a week now I've moved out and I speak to my parents every day and we have my niece on Mondays and Wednesdays. But lately we've also had the pleasure of my brother and his fiancé bringing the baby round every Sunday for the last month. They live about 35 minutes away and circumstance after circumstance has meant a Sunday dinner and a family afternoon has turned into a bit of a routine, one that looks set to continue for a few weeks yet and it's a lovely one. It's nice to have everyone under one roof for some laffs and a roast. 


2. Nights Alone. 

So once a week, even after I moved out, I stay at my Mum and Dad's. If you've been reading the old blog for a while you'll know my office is there, I run my business there and it's only 15 minutes down the road. Once a week just due to a bunch of circumstances that won't last much longer, I have a cheeky sleepover in my childhood bedroom and as much as I love living with my boyfriend, the ability to have a night alone starfishing in the middle of the bed is bloody ace. 


3. Impromptu Big Mac. 

A fortnight ago my boyfriend had an interview in Cardiff that meant he was home at dinnertime and he brought an impromptu McDonalds with him. Cue naturally a delightful dinner but not before I took a flatlay that went down swimmingly on Instagram.


4. Being Looked After. 

Last weekend Joss' extended family came down for the day and we spent all afternoon and evening with the whole family. We had dinner, did a house tour, caught up and then in the evening his mama offered us tea too and we watched a movie with the fire roaring. Sometimes it's just nice to have 2 meals in one day made for you when you're a proper independent sassy adult. Ain't nuttin like the little things. 


5. Werk Werk Werk. 

Last Sunday my brother and his family were round and my niece was feeling poorly so she spent the afternoon in her highchair watching her videos on the iPad to make her feel better and whilst having a sick baby is not ideal, it did mean me and her mother got some work done. We joined her at the dining room table and worked on our respect uni/business projects quietly and we got looooads done. It was nice just to sit and do what we had to do whilst still being with the family and I finished a big deadline I can't talk about yet so that's always nice too. 


6. Pancake Day. 

Or ya know, Shrove Tuesday if we're going old school. Last week was of course Pancake Day and whilst this year I kinda just forgot to give up anything for Lent, I did of course have a little flipping session myself. Nobody in my house likes pancakes (I KNOW) so I had them on my own at about 9pm with lots of sugar and tea and it was glorious. Obvs they went straight up on Insta because everyone else had and #trends. 


7. Long Day Rewards. 

Last week my mum and I were helping out with a house move and the days were LONG. We worked super hard and honestly I could have slept for a week afterward, we completely crashed out. But after 2 days we couldn't be arsed with real life any more so we hopped down to the local chippy and it was absolutely one of them lifesaving meals. 


8. Bloomin' Lovely. 

DID I MENTION I AM EXCITED FOR SPRING???? You can read all about my love of the change in seasons on my post from yesterday so I won't bang on about it too much but oh lord just look at the flowers. LOOK AT THE BLOSSOM.

9. Welshies. 

A whole day celebrating being Welsh? Oh hello. March 1st is St Davids Day here in Wales and is definitely celebrated more when you're in school. As demonstrated in this cheeky throwback to when I was in Primary school, we dress up in traditional dress and we normally have an Eisteddford esque celebration with competitions and activities and performances. These days when you're old and no fun, we celebrated with the obligitary tweet and a welsh cake. 


10. IKEA. Again. 

I just can't stay away. Imagine being in like West Wales or summin when you don't have an IKEA within a 2 hour drive and can't just pop down to get a new rug and have a look at the new pink homeware? Appalling. Yesterday I went down to my local branch in Cardiff to get said new rug and lust over said pink homeware and took a few cheeky snaps because this is my whole aesthetic but the boyf will probably notice if I sneak some more pink items into our house. He just doesn't understand my Instagram theme. Selfish. 

11. Solo Date Day. 

So I always say I live in Cardiff because it's just easier for non Welsh people but actually, I live in the arse end of nowhere and the city centre is around half hour away so yesterday I took myself out on a day out by myself. When we go to Cardiff it has to be for something specific, we make a special trip in and yesterday was the accumulation of needing a whole bunch of stuff. I went to IKEA, I went to town and I went to Currys to buy a new hoover because I am boring now. I NEVER go shopping by myself and it was soooo good to just cruise in the sunshine in my muddy car and mooch about on my own with time constraints or other people to worry about. Time on your own is vital to being a sassy Beyoncé independent gal and I can't recommend it enough. 


Hope you've got that Friday Feeling cherubs!












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The 'Job' Of Blogging.

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