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My Month In Photos - July 2018.

When I looked back to my bullet journal calendar for July I couldn't quite believe it all happened in the same month. If you'd asked me whether I had 5 different people staying in my house in the same month I'd have laughed it off but never the less, 5 I had. 

July whizzed by and it brought about the biggest change in my life probably since my niece was born three years ago. Enough waffling, you all know I got a job, let's just get into the nitty gritty shall we? 

My Month In Photos - June 2018.

I didn't even know if I was going to write this post as we're already 10 days into July and I have advertisers to promote and social media stats to explore but I also wanted to eek myself back in to writing with a lil 'what I've been up to' post and seen as this monthly roundups are just that.....well I thought I'd best just check in. 

My Month In Photos - May 2018.

Oh hi bet you forgot about me didn't you? It's been a while. Maybe I'll just spend the rest of my blogging life apologising for taking impromptu breaks for the rest of my blogging career. 

The last post I wrote was that corker on GDPR and what it means for bloggers and I think that says everything about the fact I haven't blogged since then. I think it's been about a fortnight with nothing from me. I have basically spent the last fortnight in a mad rush of family stuff, business stuff, life stuff and a whole host of GDPR compliance activities. 

My Month In Photos - April 2018.

Cor blimey I feel like an amateur writing this. 

I feel all rusty and like I don't know what to say and have I maybs forgotten how to blog? I published a grand total of 10 blog posts this month, the lowest count for years and after my little life lately rant last week, I promptly gave up again and didn't write anything else. 

That being said I have some thoughts I want to publish and some ideas I want to write about for May so maybe it'll be a better month and I'll be back to it. As rusty as I feel currently I do like the way my hands fly over the keys like they've always known what to do and sharing some of my snaps and an insight into my life feels normal. We'll see. 

My Month In Photos - March 2018

Oh hi just me trying not to freak out about us being a quarter of the way through the year anyone else? This year is absolutely flying by and I am filling it with all the lovely things and it's been a pretty solid start to 2018. 

March for me was hectic, in the best sense of the word but it meant it went by quicker than both the months before it. March was bookended by trips away, first to Venice and then to Sussex and it meant I was in a constant state of packing, getting ready to go away and unpacking again. Despite the never ending busy it was a great month filled with lots of fun things I'm excited to tell you about. 

One Snowy Day....

The mini beast from the east returned didn't it? I was out of the country (in Venice) when it made it's first appearance, though it didn't stop it delaying my travel plans. I missed the chance to photograph the snow the first time around so when Derek the weatherman (if you know, you know) forecast snow and disruption for a second time this weekend I knew it was my chance. 

Yesterday morning, on what would have been a normal sleepy Sunday, Joss and I wrapped up warm in coats and wellies and woolies and took the dogs for a wander round the forest and the lake on our doorstep. 

Venice in 4 days | Photo Diary & Travel Guide.

It might have escaped your knowledge if you don’t follow my blog or any of my social media platforms but I spent the first four days of March in (snowy) Venice. This was my second trip to Venice, the first time being with college for the Biennale in 2011, and this time with my Mum and two of our friends for a girly weekend away.

The first time I went to Venice it was November and we were told it was rainy season so to pack wellies – it ended up being beautiful sunshine all 6 days and we were boiling. This time we were advised it would be 10-15 degrees – instead Venice saw it’s first snow in years and then rained every other day at a casual -4.

Having done Venice twice now, and for 10 days in total, I feel like I have had a chance to see everything I want to see, do everything I want to do and have a few recommendations and tips to share if you’re also planning a trip to one of (imo) the most picturesque places in Europe. Deffo one to tick off the bucket list.

Spring Photo Challenge.

The system is the same as the last for those who took part before, but for the challenge virgins amongst you there's a free printable or downloadable checklist of prompts below ready for you to snap away and tick off. Use the hashtag #ourtwentysomethingspring to keep track of everyone's progress and have fun! As before, there's no start date or deadline to finish by so keep on ticking as long as you're enjoying it or as long as it takes to tick every single one off!

My Month In Photos - January 2018.

In December I talked a bit about what I was and wasn't bringing back for 2018 and my Friday Favourites and my Pinspiration didn't make the cut but this wee babe did. I wasn't sure on this one, I felt like it'd gone a bit stale and was repeating a lot of what I said in my Friday Favs. However, since I don't do my Favourites anymore at all I felt like I was itching to share a bit of my life, what I've been up to and well, this blog post format still fitted so here we are. 

My Month In Photos - December 2017.

Well well well we've come to the end of the month and the end of the year - isn't it satisfying it's ending on a Sunday and the new year is coming in on a new week? The stars have aligned my friends. 

It's been a long time I've been writing these posts, well over a year and I don't know if they, like my Friday Favourites, will be joining us in 2018. I just feel like they're a little stale these days and often I'm just repeating in one what I wrote on the other so idk where they're going, whether they'll come back in a new form or I'll just sack it off altogether. 

But anyway, less about what's to come (or what's not) - in the spirit of ending the year right, here's what I got up to in the last festive month. 

Friday Favourites 25th November - 8th December 2017

If there's two things to note about this week's Friday Favourites it's that you might never see a list with the word Christmas in it so much and also there's a lot of unrelated photos. Do you ever think you've taken loads of photos during the week only to realise when you look at your camera roll that it was all on Insta stories and you didn't save it? That's been me this week. 

It's been a busy fortnight, so busy in fact I had to check my bullet journal not once but THREE times to see if yes it was in fact a fortnight ago I wrote one of these when it definitely feels like a week ago. 

But for now, here's my favs of the last few weeks:

My Month In Photos - October 2017.

Oh don't mind me over here just heavy breathing over the fact it's November tomorrow and where the eff has the year gone but also omg does that mean it's appropriate to start thinking about Christmas now.......

October shot by in a blaze of days out and not blogging and working damn hard and planning time away and being burnt out and house guests. I keep banging on about the fact I'm busy now every weekend until the new year but really I don't know if I've ever had a calendar so full. 

October, whilst being hellish busy was fun. The past few days the weather has really turned and we're down to single figure degree temps and I am living for it. I've had the fire on twice in two nights, we've got the winter throw on the bed and I have driven in mittens a healthy three times this week. 

What I am not living for so much is how dark it is because although I loooove a cosy night with fairy lights, getting up in the dark is fucking hard no? But weather aside (did I accidentally turn 45 not 25 this month?) - let's get onto the round up. 

Autumnal Photo Challenge

After the relative success of my Summer Photo Challenge (more on that this week) on Instagram and after calls for more, I'm back with a new challenge for the new season. 

The system is the same as last time, there's a free printable checklist of all the autumnal things you could want, and a few obscure ones chucked in for good measure. 

This time just use the hashtag #ourtwentysomethingautumn to share your images so we can keep up with what you're doing and don't forget to follow me @twentysomethingmeltdown to see what I'll be snapping! 

Friday Favourites 19th August - 1st September 2017.

Somehow we have arrived in September of 2017 and there's like 4 months left of the year and wtf I am screaming. Luckily we were spoiled a bit with a 4 day week and next week I only have a 4 day week too and omfg so excited. Also can we just discuss the weather? Is that a terribly British thing to do? But I have a theory that it's always sunny when the kids go back to school and I haven't been proved wrong yet so just sayin......

My Month In Photos - August 2017.

How HOW is it nearly September? Kids are going back to school, Summer is basically over and tomorrow social media will be alight with PSL and tartan scarves. I personally am not ready for it. I love Autumn, I do, but as much as I love the chance to don my winter jumpers unseasonably early and as much as I love the colours of the leaves and a travel mug full of tea I'm just not ready for Summer to be over. 

Shadow Banning; Yet Another Way Instagram Has Dicked Over It's Users

I had an entirely different post planned for tonight that only needed formatting before it was published but you're going to have to wait for that now (it was bujo related) because sometimes gang, a girl just needs a rant ok?

For those of you who have seen my Insta stories you'll know I have recently discovered I've been shadowbanned from Instagram and I suspect it's been happening a lot longer before I bothered to check. I got my Instagram randomly deleted in June and I have been struggling to build any kind of following or engagement since then - it's all been a bit fishy. 

So let's start with introductions. What exactly is shadowbanning?

My Month In Photos - July 2017

Another month another intro on how busy I've been, yet at the same time I feel really relaxed and calm and like I haven't been that busy? It might be due to the fact I'm writing this about to go on holiday till the end of the week and I've been living at my parents house by myself for 10 days. Of course actually house sitting at my parents house hasn't been all that relaxing, I set myself a to do list way too big to complete, ran here there and everywhere but it was a bit blissful all the same. Having a bed to myself meant I had some of the best nights sleep I've had in ages (sorry Joss) and just doing what I wanted when I wanted meant I feel pretty chill writing this........

My Real Life Bullet Journal Pinterest Board.

If you read my bullet journal blog posts regularly or just lust over them on Instagram, you might be forgiven for thinking every page is perfect, a masterpiece, a sight to behold. And the reason for this? I cover up all the shit ones. 

I take pride in making my bullet journal as well as productive and functional. I am an illustrator, designing things and drawing comes second nature to me, I find it as easy as I find breathing. So what happens when I spoil a page? When I mess up a layout, when I draw a spread and hate it? I did, in my first journal, cut a page out. The journal fell apart. 

These days I have found a much more creative way of using a page I hate and making it into something I love - because that's rule 101 of bullet journaling; you make it your own.

My Month In Photos - June 2017.

Another month, another round up of the month that's past written on the first day of the next month because I've been too busy. I said month too much in one sentence.

I had all good intentions of getting this written on the right day but then I got given a last minute offer to go and see Justin Bieber in Cardiff last night and hell, I won't turn down free tickets for no blog post. This month has absolutely flown by and I think that's because I'd written off June before it started. I was on jury service for a fortnight this month which explains my lack of attendance at the Blogosphere Awards and my sporadic blog posts but I basically knew I couldn't do anything else. I think because I'd known about jury service for a while and geared myself up for it to take a lot of June up for me suddenly it was over and it's July and I barely blinked. 

Here's to running head first into Summer!