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AD | The Gift of a Break this Christmas

Starting a new job has been exhausting and whilst I’m fully in the swing of employment, everything else in my life has been a whirlwind so when Jet2 got in touch to talk Christmas breaks and hampers, it was a no brainer on my part.

This Christmas, for the last minute buys and the people you want to treat most - why not gift them the gift of a well deserved break.

Self Employed to Employed - Going Against The Trend.

I bet every tweet/insta story/blog post you've seen lately about freelancing has been about someone finally handing in their notice and going self employed. 

The working world is changing and there's more and more opportunities for people to create their own path and their own jobs. The online world is changing too and it's not taking the likes of Zoella and Tanya Burr to take their blog and channels full time. Now, with the right following and the sponsored opportunities, I am seeing more and more influencers taking their personal work full time and each one is a big tick for the community making us feel like we could do it too. 

5 Minutes With My Advertisers - August 2018.

It's August and we're already well into the middle of the month and yet here I am only just writing up my roundup. Can I blame any more on my new job? 

Luckily this month I have a bunch of return advertisers who *hopefully* know I'll get round to it eventually and do them a service. This month I have four advertisers, who I think you'll all know by now. But in case you don't, here's an introduction to these fab gals.....

My Month In Photos - June 2018.

I didn't even know if I was going to write this post as we're already 10 days into July and I have advertisers to promote and social media stats to explore but I also wanted to eek myself back in to writing with a lil 'what I've been up to' post and seen as this monthly roundups are just that.....well I thought I'd best just check in. 

Social Media & Blog Statistics - May 2018.

So we're halfway through the year - how in the hell did that happen? 

I felt all motivated and prepared to make 2018 'my year' for blogging. I was going to pitch to brands, to secure more paid work than ever, to have a blog overhaul, a new look, a new focus, have more viral content and generally kick ass. But then the 'death of blogging' phase kicked in and we all lost motivation and social media became more the big thing and I just got too busy in my own life and here we are - I am feeling the slow decline the same as the rest of us. 

The Dream Shopping List For Plant Lovers.

Oh hi just me creating a wish list for no other reason other than to find all the cacti themed things I didn't know I needed in my life. 

If like me you are obsessed with all things botanical then this is the shopping list for you. I mean sure, maybe also like me your boyfriend will cry if you bring more plant items into your home but hey, what does he know huh? 

So here's my top 35 picks from all range of budgets (yup, should have checked the price of that Urban Outfitters rug before I added it to the list) from the high street and online. 

What I Learnt About Instagram & How YOU Can Implement It Into Your Own Feed.

Instagram, it’s algorithm, it’s shadowbanning and every update it seems to give us is getting the blogging world down. No more are we gaining 50 followers a day, long gone are the days half our followers would actually see our posts and let’s not even get started on hashtags and how on earth do we use them.

We’re learning more and more about the ‘new’ Instagram every day. From the good (hold down the pen to fill the screen instead of shading it in and hold down the colour to bring a whole colour wheel up) to the bad (your images only being shown to 10% of your feed and only then if they are engaged with and liked within a certain time slot of being posted).

My Month In Photos - January 2018.

In December I talked a bit about what I was and wasn't bringing back for 2018 and my Friday Favourites and my Pinspiration didn't make the cut but this wee babe did. I wasn't sure on this one, I felt like it'd gone a bit stale and was repeating a lot of what I said in my Friday Favs. However, since I don't do my Favourites anymore at all I felt like I was itching to share a bit of my life, what I've been up to and well, this blog post format still fitted so here we are. 

My Month In Photos - December 2017.

Well well well we've come to the end of the month and the end of the year - isn't it satisfying it's ending on a Sunday and the new year is coming in on a new week? The stars have aligned my friends. 

It's been a long time I've been writing these posts, well over a year and I don't know if they, like my Friday Favourites, will be joining us in 2018. I just feel like they're a little stale these days and often I'm just repeating in one what I wrote on the other so idk where they're going, whether they'll come back in a new form or I'll just sack it off altogether. 

But anyway, less about what's to come (or what's not) - in the spirit of ending the year right, here's what I got up to in the last festive month. 

12 Christmas Memories.

FYI the photo above is me on my first Christmas at a cheeky 10 weeks old. 

I'm sure like me you can pull a thousand Christmas memories from the old brain bank and it's hard to choose just 12 but I've talked about Christmas a lot on this old blog and on Steph's so hopefully here's 12 you haven't heard before. 

Friday Favourites 25th November - 8th December 2017

If there's two things to note about this week's Friday Favourites it's that you might never see a list with the word Christmas in it so much and also there's a lot of unrelated photos. Do you ever think you've taken loads of photos during the week only to realise when you look at your camera roll that it was all on Insta stories and you didn't save it? That's been me this week. 

It's been a busy fortnight, so busy in fact I had to check my bullet journal not once but THREE times to see if yes it was in fact a fortnight ago I wrote one of these when it definitely feels like a week ago. 

But for now, here's my favs of the last few weeks:

Ways I Make The Bullet Journal System Work For Me.

The bullet journal system as devised by Ryder Carroll is set to make note taking and list making simple in an increasingly busy world. It's basically a way of 'rapid logging' which is devised into a series of steps which includes things like titling each page, numbering them, bulleting, noting, logging and prioritising. 

The point of the system is to make it simple to organise and plan in a very personalised manner - but what if the system doesn't work for you? You need to make it suit, something I have just about mastered. 

Are We Always Looking For The Next Fresh Start?

I am always looking for a 'start date'. I might track goals and have aims but motivation is my main struggle. My bullet journal habit tracker works for me (for most things) because it focuses me to have a tick box, I feel like a failure if I don't tick it every day. I am always pushing my 'start date', looking for the next new week, the next month, the start of summer, New Years, my birthday.... I don't need much of an excuse to create a start date to motivate myself. 

Songs Everyone Knows Somehow.

There are some things that are just life's little mysteries.....

The Bermuda triangle, what happened to flight MH370, why Instagram got rid of chronological feeds....some things we'll just never have the answer to. The latest addition to this list is how we all know the words to a bunch of songs we probably don't hear anymore - unless you're a DJ for weddings.

What's In My Suitcase.

I'm off on my mini travels today for 5 days crashing the family holiday in Dorset and as I was packing last night I thought this would be a good chance to see if I actually followed my own advice when it came to mini break packing. So here's what really made the cut for 4 nights away from home......