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Self Employed to Employed - Going Against The Trend.

Self Employed to Employed - Going Against The Trend.


I bet every tweet/insta story/blog post you've seen lately about freelancing has been about someone finally handing in their notice and going self employed. 

The working world is changing and there's more and more opportunities for people to create their own path and their own jobs. The online world is changing too and it's not taking the likes of Zoella and Tanya Burr to take their blog and channels full time. Now, with the right following and the sponsored opportunities, I am seeing more and more influencers taking their personal work full time and each one is a big tick for the community making us feel like we could do it too. 

And then there's me, going the opposite way to the crowd. I bet you'd be hard pushed to think of someone you've seen announce recently that they're going into full time employment after working for themselves. I can only think of one and that was me, a month ago. 

I have been in a reasonably unique position for the past few years having come out of university and gone straight into self employment. I was in a really fortunate position where I was living at home with my Mum and Dad with almost zero outgoings and it gave me the opportunity to build a business of my own. 

Three years on I have managed to make what I want of it - to be able to take days off when I want to, to be able to work evenings and weekends and that in itself was half of the downfall when the shit hit the fan. You can read all about my new job and why I went into a full time office job here but TLDR version is my boyfriend also works for himself, we needed regular money for bills, his company requires his full time work and mine could be done at random hours of the day and week. And here we are now. 

I can't find anyone talking about going from working for yourself to working for someone else and I think the reason for that is frankly, it feels shit. 

It doesn't matter whether you chose to, whether external factors forced you into it, whether you bloody love your new job or whether you hated self employment - when most people are lusting to work for themselves, giving that up to go into full time work for someone else looks like a failure to the outside world. 

So here I am, talking about it because for me it wasn't something I envisaged, it wasn't something I wanted but here we are and I am enjoying the job I do and talking about it because there's got to be more people out there doing the same. 

So ask me anything, ask me about my full time job, ask me about my self employment, ask me how I am managing both - whatever you want to. And if you've ever been in a similar boat please hollah cos I am sure I can't be alone!















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