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5 Minutes With My Advertisers - December 2018 (the final countdown!)

Feels a bit bitter sweet writing this for potentially the last time. I have called it a day on advertising bloggers (for now at least) after two years of hard graft and lots and lots of lovely ladies sitting alongside me on my sidebar.

For December then, for the last one it feels fitting that all of my advertisers are repeats, are people who have been with me before and actually, some of the girls who advertised with me on my very very first month all them months ago.

5 Minutes With My Advertisers - November 2018

So yes, the banner at the top of my blog is correct - I am finally calling it a day on blog advertising. I’ve offered 6 packages every single month for two years and I think in the face of a changing blogging community and my job change it’s time to give it a break. At least for now.

For the next two months though it’s all about the lovely people who have signed up to give these advertising slots the best send off, starting with these gems for November.

5 Minutes With My Advertisers - August 2018.

It's August and we're already well into the middle of the month and yet here I am only just writing up my roundup. Can I blame any more on my new job? 

Luckily this month I have a bunch of return advertisers who *hopefully* know I'll get round to it eventually and do them a service. This month I have four advertisers, who I think you'll all know by now. But in case you don't, here's an introduction to these fab gals.....

5 Minutes With My Advertisers - July 2018.

My poor July advertisers have had to wait a whole long time for this one. I try and get my advertisers round up done in the first kinda week of the month but alas, life majorly got in the way of this one. 

For the first time ever I haven't filled the six advertising slots available for the month and I suspect it won't be the last. The blogging world is changing and the world of blog advertising is changing I think. Maybe it'll stay in this format for a while yet, maybe I won't fill all 6 spaces, maybe it'll change and I'll come up with a new system. Who knows - but what I do know is I'm not the only one thinking it. 

5 Minutes With My Advertisers - May 2018.

It's another month and it's another set of advertisers on my sidebar for the next few weeks. If you're a long standing reader of this blog then a lot of these gals will be no stranger to you, you probably already follow them - and if you don't after all this time then really what are you playing at? 

I spose it's a testament to my blogging advertising packages that these girls return month on month on month which makes my heart all happy but I really do enjoy promoting them as people I loved long before they signed up. 

This month I have 4 returning advertisers who you'll know the faces and logos and blog names of and 2 new to my roundups that maybe you don't follow yet. Read on to see who we have!

5 Minutes With My Advertisers - March 2018

My advertisers this month have had to be a lil patient with me. In case I didn't bang on about it enough I started March in Venice (full post coming soon) and have hit the ground running to catch up and thus, here we are 10 days in and my advertising post is only just going live. 

Luckily for me most of these cherubs are returning advertisers so know how uhm, lax I can be, and I am very pleased to be introducing them. 

5 Minutes With My Advertisers - February 2018.

It's that time of the month again my friends. 

No not that time of the month. It's time to introduce my advertisers for the next few weeks. For me, those lost few days in February feels like a month in itself and February feels like it's over and done with in a flash so really idk why you crazy lot ever sign up to advertise in Feb. But I love ya all for it anyway. 

Here's the new and returning faces advertising on my sidebar this month. 

5 Minutes With My January Advertisers 2018.

How we're already on my first advertisers post of 2018 is beyond me. It feels like 2 minutes since I was writing the first one of 2017 and yet here we are in a fresh new year with (some) fresh faces and lots of fresh makeovers. 

I am excited to be in 2018, I think maybe you've gathered that from my recent blog posts and my Insta stories but I am also really excited for my advertisers. Lots of the girls who grace my sidebar return month on month and it gives me a chance to really watch their blogs change, develop and grow and it's great when these are some of my fav bloggers and online pals. 

5 Minutes With My Advertisers - December 2017.

It's the last month of the year and the last 2017 advertising round up I'm writing and wtf where did the time go? 

This year I feel like my advertising packages have properly taken off, I have a LOT of returning faces and I rarely have to promote my deals to get them filled and I hope that's a testament to the work I put in and maybe shows people actually find it useful? Either that or ya'll just pay money to have me say nice things about me no? 

But anyway, onto December's bunch which features a lot of logos you'll probably have seen before in some shape or another (just maybe some more recent than others). 

5 Minutes With My Advertisers - November 2017.

Can you quite believe it's been a whole year since I started advertising on my blog? To know people enjoy advertising with me and especially a lot of them find it really helpful and good for their own blog growth is the best and I am excited to continue for another year! 

Onto my advertisers for this month. This time around I have a few new advertisers and a whole host of repeat ones, many of whom you'll be seeing further this year and into 2018! It's also a month of themes with two Sarah's and two Victoria's! 

Onto the gals.....

5 Minutes With My October Advertisers

We're very rapidly approaching a whole year of advertising on Twenty Something Meltdown and I have just filled every last advertising slot until the New Year. It's still a bit mad people will book that far in advance to advertise with me but rest assured it's all greatly appreciated. But more on that next month when it has actually been a year of advertising. 

This month I have a bunch of returning advertisers and one new fresh face for you - so make sure you go and check them all out!

5 Minutes With My September Advertisers

Soooo for the first time ever I have ALL returning advertisers filling this month's slots. This is Naomi's third time but first Gold slot, Megan and Hailey have each done multiple months and both received freebie months and Ellen has been with me continuously for about 6 months! 

I feel like this is such a lovely testament to my blog, to my advertising and hopefully means I do a good job and they like being on my sidebar and actually see some benefits out of it <3 So thank you ladies for coming back time and time again - you're all absolute gems. 

5 Minutes With My August Advertisers.

Bloody hell my advertisers have been actual angels this month. I decided very very late on that I was going to have a blog makeover so I had to email these 4 gals and check with them it was ok that I wouldn't have a sidebar for them to advertise on for a few days and they were sooooo fine with it. 

How I Manage My Blog Advertisers.

I've been hosting bloggers on my sidebar for 7 months now and I think I've got organising it down to a tee these days. Working with so many bloggers, repeat customers, new people, money, social media accounts, tracking who's paid and booking months in advance - it can get a bit overwhelming. 

Obviously if someone is paying to advertise with you, you want to do the best job possible and that means staying organised, staying on top of things and that's not always the easiest task. 

5 Minutes With My June Advertisers.

Well who'd have thought I'd be in June with advertising slots booked up till September? All my Bronze and Gold slots are gone, you can next book one of them in October. As for Silver I have one in August and then both free after that. If you want to get one this year it's looking like you need to book ahead! 

Anyway, here are the new and returning faces advertising with me this June!