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(All new) 5 Minutes With My Advertisers - September 2018

(All new) 5 Minutes With My Advertisers - September 2018

Meet my September advertisers. 

Meet my September advertisers. 

Hello hello and welcome to the all new look for my advertisers introduction. I am changing my advertisers packages this month and this little lot are my guinea pigs as I navigate my way around the changes and what I plan to do with it. 

I considered cancelling advertising packages completely as they didn't seem to fit the modern blogging world but I had a little think and a little reality check and decided that actually, when so many (lovely, kind) people have said my advertising packages have been successful and helpful for them then maybe I just needed to rejig what I do. Instead of assuming the current changes in blogging and social media mean blog advertising is dead - maybe I just need to update my packages to suit. 

So here we are, the first in a few changes; my monthly introduction. As lovely as the old look was and as much as I liked saying nice things about people it was beginning to feel long winded, it was taking days to write and I got the feeling maybe you guys were a bit bored of it. When so many of my advertisers are repeat customers saying the same thing over and over maybe doesn't look as authentic as it could so in the world of fast moving, easily digestable content, here's my advertisers in bite sized pieces with my favourite posts of theirs to boot. 


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