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An ode to the end of summer.

August bank holiday - the start of the end of summer if I ever saw one.

British weather means it’s normally pouring, kids are picking out their pencil cases for school next week and you can practically feel the chill of autumn in the air.

And then, then August bank holiday 2019 came along, the rain that has plagued us throughout the month broke and the sun blazed through. And oh man what an end to summer it has been.

My Month In Photos - December 2017.

Well well well we've come to the end of the month and the end of the year - isn't it satisfying it's ending on a Sunday and the new year is coming in on a new week? The stars have aligned my friends. 

It's been a long time I've been writing these posts, well over a year and I don't know if they, like my Friday Favourites, will be joining us in 2018. I just feel like they're a little stale these days and often I'm just repeating in one what I wrote on the other so idk where they're going, whether they'll come back in a new form or I'll just sack it off altogether. 

But anyway, less about what's to come (or what's not) - in the spirit of ending the year right, here's what I got up to in the last festive month. 

12 Christmas Memories.

FYI the photo above is me on my first Christmas at a cheeky 10 weeks old. 

I'm sure like me you can pull a thousand Christmas memories from the old brain bank and it's hard to choose just 12 but I've talked about Christmas a lot on this old blog and on Steph's so hopefully here's 12 you haven't heard before. 

6 Reasons Why Christmas Is The Best Time Of Year.

I mean I don't wish it was Christmas every day like the song says but it certainly is the best time of the year isn't it? For me it's more about the build up, the festive period, maybe the whole month of December than the actual day itself. It's the excitement, the preparation, the hint of Christmas spirit. It's the carols everywhere, the really cold sunny days, doing your shopping, wearing your gloves to de ice the car..... it really is the whole season of it. 

So here's 6 reasons why for me, Christmas is the best time of the year.