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An ode to the end of summer.

August bank holiday - the start of the end of summer if I ever saw one.

British weather means it’s normally pouring, kids are picking out their pencil cases for school next week and you can practically feel the chill of autumn in the air.

And then, then August bank holiday 2019 came along, the rain that has plagued us throughout the month broke and the sun blazed through. And oh man what an end to summer it has been.

6 Tips For A UK Staycation.

Staycation is a controversial term - for some it means in your local town or city, for me it means somewhere in your country (or strictly speaking for me, somewhere in the UK). 

I have always been an advocate for the Great British staycation, I even shared my favourite places to holiday in a blog post this time last year and this year whilst I'm not going on a big holiday, I'm racking up the miles on shorter breaks. This year I've already been to Manchester and North Wales for a few days to see my uni friends, spent a long weekend in North Devon and am off to Dorset next week with a gals holiday booked in Hampshire for September. 

With that in mind, here's my tips for a cheeky holiday in Britain; 

A Summer Photo Challenge

This Summer I've devised less of a photo challenge more of a photo bucket list. It's a checklist of photo prompts to use this Summer, to print out and tick off when it's complete and a lil project we can all take part in.