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45 Favourite Things Of Summer 2016.

45 Favourite Things Of Summer 2016.

Nuttin like a few blooms to say I'm a blogger. 

Nuttin like a few blooms to say I'm a blogger. 

I always start summer with high expectations. I always start a list of things I love about the hotter months in about April. I start counting down the days till lighter nights in about March. I always build summer up in my mind and god forbid it actually lives up to what I have imagined. This summer though, this summer was really cute so I thought I'd write a little list of all my favourite things to always remember June, July and August 2016. 

1. My business' first birthday. 

2. My niece learning to walk. 

3. My summer holiday staycation. 

4. The Olympics. 

5. The heatwave in July. 

6. Hitting my end of year goals 6 months early. 

7. Road trips. 

8. #BloggerPitP. 

9. The Last Leg. 

10. My niece learning to say Auntie, Flowers and Hi. 

11. Primark. 

12. Meeting up with my friends from my Foundation Course. 

13. Walking On Cars. 

14. Coffee with my pals. 

15. Adele at Glastonbury. 

16. Taking my old uni flatmate on a tour of where I live FINALLY. 

17. Ghostbusters. 

18. Cold shoulder tops. 

19. Joining the National Trust. 

20. Homegrown tomatoes. 

21. £3 pink shoes. 

22. Jose Mourinho becoming UTD manager. 

23. Booking weekends away for Autumn. 

24. The beach.

25. Big Fat Quiz Of Everything. 

26. Being asked to be a bridesmaid for my brother and fiancé.

27. Meeting online pals IRL. 

28. My niece learning to blow kisses. 

29. Barry M yellow nail polish.

30. The return of Mrs O on X Factor. 

31. Making my Dad a birthday cake that was actually just 5 mini rolls with a candle in. 

32. Starting running again.

33. Having pink/purple hair. 

34. Improving my Instagram game. 

35. Becoming a Coconut Queen. 

36. Pumpkin the raccoon.

37. My guest bloggers.

38. Date days. 

39. IKEA. 

40. Wales in the Euros.

41. Redesigning my blog. 

42. Finally watching GOT. 

43. Late Night Bloggers Big Brother chat. 

44. My niece's first birthday. 

45. Having a nice enough summer to remember 45 fab things! 




Hope you've had a beautiful summer 2016!





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