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Places To Holiday In The UK This Summer.

Places To Holiday In The UK This Summer.


Sometimes your budget just won't stretch to a fortnight in a hammock in the sunshine and sometimes, a long weekend in the UK is the best you're going to get. I for one am I big advocate of what the UK has to hold having spent all my summer holidays here on the isle so if the pennies aren't reaching those glittering heights this summer - here's a few of my favourite places to go for a cheaper break not far from home. 


Cornwall - 

The home of the British seaside holiday amiright? I have lost count of the times I've been to Cornwall and I keep going back even after I once spent 7 hours on one stretch of the motorway getting home..... Cornwall is actually pretty big for a county and the roads are a bit of a nightmare in the summer so maybe you won't want to travel round so much but luckily it's all so lovely you won't mind! Go as far south as you can for St Michael's Mount and Land's End of stay a bit closer to Devon for the Eden Project and the ability to hop into other counties. It really has some of the most quintessential British seaside towns and some of the best ice creams for you to enjoy. 

My Recommendations - 

The Eden Project

The Lost Gardens of Heligan 




Devon - 

Obviously I had to follow up Cornwall with Devon? The second most stereotypical Uk holiday county famous for it's holiday parks and Dartmoor. Again, where you travel in the county makes a difference to the experience you have and having stayed in mid, south and north Devon I feel like I've covered it all. I found North Devon to actually be less touristy but Ilfracombe is one of my favourite places on this planet. Definitely try seeking out some of the smaller seaside towns and make sure to get deep into the heart of the countryside because Dartmoor is beautifully bleak. 

My Recommendations - 




Babbacombe Model Village


Hampshire - 

As much as I love Devon and Cornwall it's probably Hampshire/The New Forest that has my heart. We first went there when I was about 8 or 9 and we stayed in the cutest little cottage on the side of a wood where horses, pigs and donkeys roamed free and we have been going back ever since. The New Forest has animals that wander free throughout and it just makes the whole place have a really unusual other worldly feel because you just don't get it anywhere else (and that's coming from someone who lives in a village where sheep on the road is a regular occasion.) One of the best things about Hampshire is how easy it is to county hop and how easy it is to go from shopping in Poole or Portsmouth to cycling through the forest in half hour. 

My Recommendations: 


Walking the harbour in Poole




The Isle of Wight - 

One of the nicest things to do in Hampshire is actually to go to Lymington and get an IOW ferry across to the Isle of Wight. I love the Isle of Wight and I've spent a fortnight there on one holiday, a week on another and I go on a day trip every time I'm down that way. The island is the home of Red Squirrels which are difficult to spot but super exciting when you do. If you're there for long enough you can easily drive round the island in a day and stop along the way which makes everywhere about a half hours drive which is nice! Home to some of the cutest villages I have ever seen make sure to go over to the far side of the island and tap into French radio cos it really is a novelty. 

My Recommendations -

The Needles 



Carisbrook Castle 


Norfolk - 

My family always tended to stay in the same places for holidays going back and forth Hampshire, Devon, Cornwall & Dorset (which hasn't made the list simply because I couldn't find photos but is so worth the visit) but when I was 18 we went to Norfolk and it was the best summer holiday I have ever had. It was new to all of my family, it was 6 hours away from home which felt like a million miles, it was all new and exciting and it was BEAUTIFUL. They don't lie when they say Norfolk is flat, you can see for miles because it's so level and living in Wales, that's something we don't have! One of the things I love most about Norfolk is the little handmade signs that welcome you into each village which are individual and just gorgeous. 

My Recommendations - 

The Norfolk Broads



Great Yarmouth


Sussex - 

West Sussex, East Sussex....I'm not fussy as long as it's Sussex. I went there for the first time last summer and this summer we're actually going back but this time on the Hampshire border. Sussex was just beautiful, the coastline, the towns, the cities, the red brick houses - it was just glorious and I fell under it's spell immediately. Obviously Sussex is known for it's history with the Battle of 1066 pretty prominent so you should definitely tap into that but also make the most of the coastline and play crazy golf in as many places as you can. Just don't park in Brighton because it's EXTORTIONATE. 

My Recommendations - 




Hever Castle (technically Kent but easily reachable from Sussex)


North Wales - 

Living in South Wales I can't really speak for it's attractions (although I'm sure there are many). However, North Wales has always held a special bit of beauty for me even before I went to university up there. We went there when we were toddlers which I remember patches of and then we went back for a fortnight when I was 13. The weather is unpredictable yes but the views are incredible and you DEFINITELY need to take the hike up Snowdon (or at least the train) because your camera will really thank you for it. Some of the coast is a bit dodgy granted but source out the most picturesque and you'll have a glorious time. 

My Recommendations - 


Mount Snowdon




Somerset -

I found my summer holiday in Somerset really weird because it's SO close to home. I dunno but to me a UK holiday starts with an epic road trip for hours and Somerset is only over the bridge for me. In fact from Dunster I could see the power station in my local village clear as day and from Weston Super Mare you can see right into Cardiff Bay. That aside I loved Somerset and exploring somewhere I normally just drive through on my way to the South Coast. There's a lot to do in one county and obviously Bristol and Bath are worth the trip although they're not included on my recommendations because I go there all the time and it doesn't feel like a holiday. 

My Recommendations -

Glastonbury Tor


Cheddar Gorge 


Hope some of this gives you some inspo on where to look for a break, somewhere to explore for the weekend or gives you a bit of love back in your bones for a good old fashioned British holiday. Happy summer all!





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