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#BloggersPitB - Blogging Staycation Photo Diary. *

How it's been a whole week since our bloggers weekend away is beyond me. You know when you've been planning something for so long and all of a sudden it's over and you don't know what you did before? That's how I feel now it's done. 

I thought today I'd offer you up a lil photo diary and a bit of an explanation on what I did on my weekend away with 4 bloggers. 

6 Tips For A UK Staycation.

Staycation is a controversial term - for some it means in your local town or city, for me it means somewhere in your country (or strictly speaking for me, somewhere in the UK). 

I have always been an advocate for the Great British staycation, I even shared my favourite places to holiday in a blog post this time last year and this year whilst I'm not going on a big holiday, I'm racking up the miles on shorter breaks. This year I've already been to Manchester and North Wales for a few days to see my uni friends, spent a long weekend in North Devon and am off to Dorset next week with a gals holiday booked in Hampshire for September. 

With that in mind, here's my tips for a cheeky holiday in Britain;