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A Seasonal Update - Summer 2016

A Seasonal Update - Summer 2016

Summer 2011 Throwback. 

Summer 2011 Throwback. 

You might not have actually read one of these posts if you haven't been a fan of my blog longer than a few months but this is actually the last in a series. 

I started writing my Top 10 fav things about each season in Autumn last year and I normally start it with an illustration but for the last I've decided to treat you to a cheeky throwback from summer 2011 in Norfolk - I legit look exactly the same. Let's all bear in mind I was 18 here and I'm going on 24 currently. 

So for the last one of the series - here's my 10 loves for summer. 

1. Lighter Nights.

Let's not think about the fact that it's the longest day today or tomorrow (I can never remember). Longer nights to be are the best thing about summer. The sunsets, wandering along a harbour or a seafront at 10pm when it's still navy, feeling like there's SO many hours to the day - I just ooze creativity in the summer simply for the long days. 

2. Sandals. 

I love winter boots and winter clothing don't get me wrong; I don't really know how to dress for summer but one thing I do appreciate is a good sandal. Not so much flip flops and definitely nothing fancy that takes 1279482738746 hours to do up but a solid tan or white strappy number and painted toe nails and I'm done. 

3. Driving. 

I've mentioned this so many times but for me, driving in the summer with the windows down and the sunglasses on and the music blaring is one of my happiest every day events. It reminds me of going on a summer holiday when I was a kid, of road trips, of all the nights spent out when we were 17 and now is even sweeter seen as I have a car this year. I'm bloody loving it especially as I learnt to drive in the depth of November. 

4. Icelollies. 

I'm actually not a huge ice lolly/ice cream faan (my boyfriend has enough for both of us), but even I can appreciate a solero or a feast or a good old fashioned Mr Whippy with the PROPER ice cream in the height of summer when you just really fancy one. Although I always go no Flake because I really don't need a freezing cold crumbly bit of chocolate in my life no thank you. 

5. Chip Shop Chips. 

Chippy chips are good at all times of the year obvs but I always have this overwhelming memory of eating chips in a cone at the beach or a big chip butty in a carton on Falmouth Docks or in a little caff in Llandudno. There is just no better smell than chips at the beach (although fun fact, in Hastings last year we had to eat them in the car cos a seagull attacked us....)

6. Penny Arcade. 

 I am a sucker for a British holiday. I have SO many places in the world I want to go but all my childhood holiday memories are of British seaside hols and I just can't escape it. I go back every year with my parents and I am still addicted to the old fashioned penny games. My brother once won me a mens watch in a 2p machine and I still wear it today. 

7. BBQs.

Lol so much of this list is about food, more than any other seasonal update I've done yet but summer food is just so damn good! The first BBQ of the year is always the best (I haven't had one yet boo) and I just spend my summer days dreaming of Richmond sausages and coleslaw and potato salad and family. Bliss. 

8. Strawberries & Icecream. 

Yay more food! Bit less traditional than the old strawberries and cream of Wimbledon but I 100% prefer to swap it with ice cream. Last summer I picked up 2 little pink ice cream bowls from Primark for like a quid and it just makes it taste all the sweeter. Oh and if they're strawberries you picked at a PYO fruit farm then double points to you!

9. Holidays. 

I mean, nuff said. 

10. Summer Telly Specials. 

Summer always brings some TV we don't see the rest of the year round like the tennis and festivals which the BBC and radio do UHHMAZING coverage of. But this year especially we are spoiled (if you like this kinda thing) with the Queen's bday, the Euros and The Olympics/Paralympics. I for one love the Olympics and am praying they don't show it all at night. Boo. 



What're your favourite things about summer? Let me know in the comments!


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