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Travelling With Your Bullet Journal | Handy Tips & Pinnable Ideas

I have already expressed my love for bullet journaling when it comes to travelling but I really truly believe it’s where it comes into it’s own. I use my bullet journal extensively when I am travelling and it is the key to remaining organised and therefore remaining calm. We all know that whilst holidays are hopefully relaxing, actually getting there might be quite the opposite but your bujo should go some way to helping you out.

Venice in 4 days | Photo Diary & Travel Guide.

It might have escaped your knowledge if you don’t follow my blog or any of my social media platforms but I spent the first four days of March in (snowy) Venice. This was my second trip to Venice, the first time being with college for the Biennale in 2011, and this time with my Mum and two of our friends for a girly weekend away.

The first time I went to Venice it was November and we were told it was rainy season so to pack wellies – it ended up being beautiful sunshine all 6 days and we were boiling. This time we were advised it would be 10-15 degrees – instead Venice saw it’s first snow in years and then rained every other day at a casual -4.

Having done Venice twice now, and for 10 days in total, I feel like I have had a chance to see everything I want to see, do everything I want to do and have a few recommendations and tips to share if you’re also planning a trip to one of (imo) the most picturesque places in Europe. Deffo one to tick off the bucket list.

What It's Really Like Going Away With Bloggers.

"My parents said I shouldn't talk to strangers I booked a holiday with them."

This very much became the quote of the weekend when I went to Hampshire with my blogging pals. Ok so we weren't all strangers this weekend but we were at one point. Last summer Sarah had the idea of hosting a bloggers picnic and created a Twitter DM with us in it and the rest as they say is history. We were all game for organising the picnic and as most of you know, we hosted BloggersPitP (Bloggers Picnic In The Park) together in London in 2016. 

Having met in real life on the most part we made the ultimate commitment and gave out our phone numbers and made the transition to Whatsapp. We haven't really stopped talking since then, if one member of the group goes out you can regularly expect to come back to 300+ messages. 

So we did what any friendship group does when they're hankering to escape real life and take loads of candid photos - we booked a weekend away in Hampshire in the countryside. 

#BloggersPitB - Blogging Staycation Photo Diary. *

How it's been a whole week since our bloggers weekend away is beyond me. You know when you've been planning something for so long and all of a sudden it's over and you don't know what you did before? That's how I feel now it's done. 

I thought today I'd offer you up a lil photo diary and a bit of an explanation on what I did on my weekend away with 4 bloggers. 

Planning A Surprise Birthday With Talking Tables. *

You might have noticed I've been on a bloggers weekend away. I shouted it from the rooftops, I instagrammed all of it and my feed has been full of it since - you'd be hard pushed not to know I'd been. There'll be a photo diary up soon about our time away, what we did and what it's really like going away with bloggers but for today I thought I'd share some snaps and details of our surprise birthday. 

(You can see all our pics using the hashtag #BloggersPitB on Instagram)

Bullet Journals & Holidays - A Match Made In Heaven.

Bullet journals are for lists. Holidays are for lists. Do I need to give you anymore information? 

Holidays, mini breaks, months on end away - all are lovely when you get there and a bloody minefield of organisation before you go. I have always been a holiday list maker, or make that a holiday serial list maker. Sheets on end of lists, packing lists, to do lists, to remember lists, directions, booking confirmations and about a trillion and one post it notes. 

So when I first entered the world of bullet journaling I knew my holiday lists were done, the game had changed and bullet journals and holidays are a match made in heaven.