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The demise of my 2018 bullet journal & where I am taking my 2019 version

Yes that’s right my friends, we are nearly 2 months into 2019 and I finally have new bullet journal content. It’s been a long time coming but it took me a good month to get my journal up and running let alone in a fit state to snap some photos of. And then came the bad weather and the grey days and I encountered the perils of working until it was dark every day.

But now, now we have had some sunshine, I have left work when it is still light and it feels like spring it on it’s way - and with that, a glossy pure white brand new bullet journal. But before we can crack on with that, I guess we better talk about the demise of my 2018 journal first.

Migrating Bullet Journals

For some people, migrating between journals is second nature and maybe your journal isn’t year on year, maybe you chop and change whenever the need takes you but for me, it’s a new year new bujo. For 2018 I had a sunny yellow little number between January and June and now I am working from a berry one which I switched to in July and will see me through to the end of the year.

2 Years Of Bullet Journaling - A Birthday Celebration.

In May I had my two year blogging anniversary. Yes I remember the date well, yes I started mid way through the year the first time because I just couldn't wait till January to start what I suspected would be a new stationery addiction (and I was correct). 

It's safe to say bullet journaling has changed my life and that's no exaggeration. Aside from the major impact it's had on my productivity and the over haul of my organisation, it's generated a massive part of my audience and in some ways contributed to my Blogosphere Awards nomination because it definitely got my name out there to all those cherubs who voted for me. 

So here's a little appreciation to the humble bullet journal and our two year love affair;

Travelling With Your Bullet Journal | Handy Tips & Pinnable Ideas

I have already expressed my love for bullet journaling when it comes to travelling but I really truly believe it’s where it comes into it’s own. I use my bullet journal extensively when I am travelling and it is the key to remaining organised and therefore remaining calm. We all know that whilst holidays are hopefully relaxing, actually getting there might be quite the opposite but your bujo should go some way to helping you out.

How To Draw Easy Banners For Your Bullet Journal (& Free Worksheet)

In my 'ways I make my bullet journal pretty' blog post I mentioned that I get a lot of messages from people asking how I draw my layouts, how I make my pages Instagrammable and how I make it so cute.

I'm a trained illustrator and drawing comes second nature for me - in fact when I was designing these worksheets Hannah asked me how on earth I could possibly do it freehand on the computer. For those of you who don't have a particularly artistic hand, I've created a FREE step by step guide on how to draw simple banners for your bullet journal that can be used for decorations or headers for your pages.

How I Make My Bullet Journal 'Pretty'

Whenever I upload a bullet journal blog post or an Instagram snap I always get a lot of comments on how neat it is, how pretty it is or the odd '#goals' or crown emoji. To me, making my bullet journal aesthetically pleasing is like second nature - I'm an illustrator by trade, designing and drawing is in my job title and weedles it's way into my personal life like it has since I was old enough to colour. 

But in my bullet journal journey I have discovered a lot of you lovely chaps don't have quite the second nature when it comes to making your journal 'pretty' and I get a LOT of requests for advice on how (or just outright requests for me to make my own journals) so with that in mind, here's how I make my journal Insta goals. 

***FREE*** Bullet Journal Printable; Summer Icons

I first started sharing free printables back in May last year and I also designed a Christmas version too. Whilst bullet journals are still hot topic I'm becoming increasingly aware from comments on the look of my journal that some people struggle to make their journal look the way they want, or to create the details and doodles they want to. 

With that in mind I hope to share lots more free printables, seasonal and otherwise, on the blog for you to print out, trace or copy and use in your own journals. Being an illustrator by trade I find it very easy and quick to design icons and doodles for you to use and sharing them and seeing pics of your journals is my reward. 

One Whole Year Of Bullet Journaling - A Comparison.

This May marks one year since I entered the craze of bullet journaling, a craze that nearly all bloggers latched on to and a craze that actually I don't see that many bloggers doing anymore. 

Myself? I haven't stopped working on mine and I haven't stopped blogging about it either - it's my most popular content, it's where a lot of my readership found me and it nailed me my viral pins. I don't want to get all melodramatic but bullet journaling has changed my life; not in a ridiculous way but genuinely the way in which I organise myself and my life, it's all in my bullet journal.

Current Bullet Journal Inspiration.

If you've been following my blog for a while you might have seen some of my bullet journal posts before and will know I only got into the trend I now obsess over last May. I was A Ok with starting a journal partway through the year because I knew that's the beauty of a bujo, the ability to flit in and out when you want to and make it completely customisable to yourself and your life. 

Why Every Bullet Journal Addict Needs A Cratejoy Subscription. *

It'll come as no surprise to you that bullet journaling and planning is one of my favourite things to do and the idea that there might be a subscription box based on the humble bujo.

Subscription boxes are no new concept and Cratejoy is no different, except it's a one stop shop for ALL the subscription boxes. You'll find everything from homeware to stationery to food to plants to books to gaming and familiar faces like Papergang and it couldn't be simpler. Search for what box you want and you can subscribe, grab one as a one off, send one as a gift, sample them all - anything and everything you could want.

My Bullet Journal - 6 Months On.

Can you believe it was the end of August I last did a bullet journal update? Bearing in mind anything bujo is my most popular content you'd have thought I'd have tapped into that and done a few more but we are. Life runs away with us. 

As always not that much has changed in my bullet journal per se, I am still working all black and white and I'm still generally using it the same. I am over halfway through the notebook I'm using now and I think December and January will be busy months full of to do lists so I have plans for my next journal up and running in my head.