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The demise of my 2018 bullet journal & where I am taking my 2019 version

Yes that’s right my friends, we are nearly 2 months into 2019 and I finally have new bullet journal content. It’s been a long time coming but it took me a good month to get my journal up and running let alone in a fit state to snap some photos of. And then came the bad weather and the grey days and I encountered the perils of working until it was dark every day.

But now, now we have had some sunshine, I have left work when it is still light and it feels like spring it on it’s way - and with that, a glossy pure white brand new bullet journal. But before we can crack on with that, I guess we better talk about the demise of my 2018 journal first.

2 Years Of Bullet Journaling - A Birthday Celebration.

In May I had my two year blogging anniversary. Yes I remember the date well, yes I started mid way through the year the first time because I just couldn't wait till January to start what I suspected would be a new stationery addiction (and I was correct). 

It's safe to say bullet journaling has changed my life and that's no exaggeration. Aside from the major impact it's had on my productivity and the over haul of my organisation, it's generated a massive part of my audience and in some ways contributed to my Blogosphere Awards nomination because it definitely got my name out there to all those cherubs who voted for me. 

So here's a little appreciation to the humble bullet journal and our two year love affair;

Why I Need Two Bullet Journals Per Year & How To Migrate Over.

I am using my bullet journal as much as ever these days and I am loving it as much as I always have. I really feel like I have got into my groove with journaling and found a system that works really well for me and honestly I'd be lost without it. 

I have a shiny new berry coloured journal waiting in the wings to become my second journal of 2018 so let's get into it shall we? Why exactly do I use two Leuchtturms per year? 

Why I'm As Bullet Journal Obsessed As Ever.

Bullet journaling has not only contributed to making my blog a success, but it's also contributed a heck of a lot to my personal life too. I've written a lot about how discovering the world of bujo has impacted my life and my general productivity and also, most recently, about how I think it reflects my personality

I've also written about whether or not the bullet journal trend will stick and I concluded that whilst the hype over it might die out, people like me who genuinely love it will probably never be able to use a conventional journal again. But if you are like me then you're likely as bullet journal obsessed as when you first started out - maybe even more so. 

How My Bullet Journal Reflects My Personality.

In 2018 I think it’s plain to see I’m just as bullet journal obsessed as ever and I know I’m not the only one. If anything, I am using it more and more and for a wider variety of things and it’s really got me thinking about what it says about me.

It’s like a journal as well as an organizer these days full of snippets of my day, my mood as well as my plans and chores. It’s fuller than ever, I’m working through it quicker than ever and it’s a home for all my scribbles and doodles. I work out my blog there, I plan my day there, I pack for my holidays there and I remember my pals birthday’s there.

I have come to realise that my bullet journal is a true reflection of me, my personality and my character and now I’ve started noticing it I can’t unsee it.

2017 Bullet Journal On Reflection | What I Learned.

Yesterday I posted an photo heavy introduction to my 2018 bullet journal but today I wanted to reflect on my old one. I thought it'd be a fun way for me and you to look back on a year of journaling, to see what worked and what didn't and what I took forward into my new shiny bright yellow one. 

My 2017 bullet journal was heavily documented on this ol' blog (I'll include some links at the bottom of this post) and had a pretty sweet reception from you all but some things were more successful than others.

Here's what I think about my 2017 bujo on reflection;

How To Future Plan With Your Bullet Journal.

The bullet journal can be used for a multitude of sins, from to do lists to calendars to shopping to future planning - and it's the latter I'm focusing on today. 

In my 2016 bullet journal I used future planning as one of the biggest elements of my system, but actually I found it wasn't really working for me. I was future planning my month's ahead of time, drawing out my calendar and my 4 weekly spreads and it came to the point where it was unorganised and wasn't helping me plan at all. I found that it left no room for change, no room for master to do lists and it meant things like packing lists or shopping lists were weeks after the event and I never knew where I was. 

In my 2017 journal I decided against pre planning, against future planning in that way and it's worked much better for me. But now we're coming toward the tail end of the year and I'm already thinking about what to do for 2018 so I thought I'd share my top tips (and fav spreads) for future planning with your bullet journal. 

Bullet Journal Blog Post Ideas.

I don't know if you've noticed but I quite enjoy writing the odd bullet journal themed blog post and I've been known to write a few of them. For those of you wishing to join me in the bullet journal blog world I thought I'd share a few ideas to get you started;

What To Include In Your University Bullet Journal.

I graduated two years ago now but I can see the benefits of a bujo for university as clear as if I was still there. For maybe the first time you're somewhere where you're 100% responsible for yourself and for your organisation and having a bullet journal would definitely have been beneficial for me. Ohhhh if only they'd been a massive trend back then. I'm sure they were a thing but maybe not as popular as they are now but lord I wish I'd had one. 

I'd definitely have run through several journals whilst I was there with everything I'd fill it with. Here's my suggestions for what to include in your bujo for uni;

How To Draw Easy Banners For Your Bullet Journal (& Free Worksheet)

In my 'ways I make my bullet journal pretty' blog post I mentioned that I get a lot of messages from people asking how I draw my layouts, how I make my pages Instagrammable and how I make it so cute.

I'm a trained illustrator and drawing comes second nature for me - in fact when I was designing these worksheets Hannah asked me how on earth I could possibly do it freehand on the computer. For those of you who don't have a particularly artistic hand, I've created a FREE step by step guide on how to draw simple banners for your bullet journal that can be used for decorations or headers for your pages.

Introducing My 2017 Bullet Journal Take 2

If you're no stranger to this blog you'll know this year I am more bullet journal obsessed than ever, these days using it for absolutely anything and everything. But with lots of spreads and lists comes, well, very little space and by the time June rolled around my trusty black bujo was full. 

For my July - December journal I recommitted to a Leuchtturm 1917 but this time in oh so Instagrammable turquoise and the love affair continues. 

A lot of my second journal of the year is very similar or exactly the same as my first (have a nosey at that one here) but some has changed, some has gone and some of it is new. So without further ado - come and meet my 2017 Bullet Journal (part 2).

My June 2017 Bullet Journal Layout.

So ideally this would've gone up earlier than the 10th of the next month but I just haven't got round to taking the photos so here we are. 

June saw the end of my first bullet journal of this year and I am slowly settling down into my second bujo for July onto December. I was so sure I'd actually fill this journal and I did, basically. I think I have 3 double page spreads left plain at the end of the journal and rather than rip them out (did you know the Leuchtturm has tear out pages at the end?) I think I'm going to scrapbook some memories from the first half of this year. 

But for now, on to my June set up;

One Whole Year Of Bullet Journaling - A Comparison.

This May marks one year since I entered the craze of bullet journaling, a craze that nearly all bloggers latched on to and a craze that actually I don't see that many bloggers doing anymore. 

Myself? I haven't stopped working on mine and I haven't stopped blogging about it either - it's my most popular content, it's where a lot of my readership found me and it nailed me my viral pins. I don't want to get all melodramatic but bullet journaling has changed my life; not in a ridiculous way but genuinely the way in which I organise myself and my life, it's all in my bullet journal.

The Ultimate Bullet Journal Resources List.

I've decided I'm going to do a dedicated bullet journal series on the blog, at least once a month. I think I've probably done so since I started journaling but I have loads of ideas (conveniently jotted down in my bujo) so here we are; this month alone has had 3 journal inspired posts. 

Today I thought I'd share with you a cheeky little cheat list, a list of resources for bullet journal lovers, experts and newbies to make your journal the most beautiful and useful journal ever. 

My 2017 Bullet Journal Look Through.

What's this? The bullet journal flip through I've been promising you since January?? Yes hold onto your hats, I actually finished getting my journal going and sat down to photograph it. 

My entrance to bullet journaling started last May with a generic A5 notebook and I became obsessed very early on. By the end of the year with half a notebook left I was trying to grit my teeth and just get on with a journal that wasn't working for me anymore. And then for Christmas I got given that journal addicts Bible; the Leuchtturm 1917 A5 with squared pages. In black FYI. 

I tried for a fortnight or so to stick with my trusty old notebook and wait until I'd finished it to move onto my new journal but the idea of staring a fresh in January and the lure of that new notebook led me to realise, the beauty of the journal is it's flexibility. The whole point of the bullet journal is the ability to change it to suit at the click of a finger and so off to the Leuchtturm I went. 

And so here it is! Finally! An (extensive, soz for all the photos) guide to my new journal for your pinning and saving and copying for inspiration. 

Current Bullet Journal Inspiration.

If you've been following my blog for a while you might have seen some of my bullet journal posts before and will know I only got into the trend I now obsess over last May. I was A Ok with starting a journal partway through the year because I knew that's the beauty of a bujo, the ability to flit in and out when you want to and make it completely customisable to yourself and your life. 

FREE Christmas Bullet Journal Printables.

Bullet journals are definitely the hot topic of 2016 stationery world and Instagram and blogs and social media are full of the prettiest ones to give us inspo (or jealousy). But doodling and typography doesn't come naturally to us all and as I'm not too shabby I like to share some freebies for you all.

This time I'm back with three festive themed printables for your choice which are all completely free to use in your journals and notebooks this season. They're aimed at A5 kinda sized notebooks and the idea is you save them, print them and then trace them for whatever doodling you want!

My Bullet Journal: A Four Month On Update.

I wrote a bullet journal update a while back and said maybe, maybe not I'd do a monthly update on my bullet journal but then in July I went on holiday and didn't do one and that erm, answered my question really. 

So it's been a while, my bullet journal is 4 months and ninety-odd pages in and I have changed a lot so I thought it was long overdue a little catch up and a little peek inside what it looks like.