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My June 2017 Bullet Journal Layout.

My June 2017 Bullet Journal Layout.


So ideally this would've gone up earlier than the 10th of the next month but I just haven't got round to taking the photos so here we are. 

June saw the end of my first bullet journal of this year and I am slowly settling down into my second bujo for July onto December. I was so sure I'd actually fill this journal and I did, basically. I think I have 3 double page spreads left plain at the end of the journal and rather than rip them out (did you know the Leuchtturm has tear out pages at the end?) I think I'm going to scrapbook some memories from the first half of this year. 

But for now, on to my June set up;

Weekly Spreads;

My weekly spreads this month haven't changed all that month, I am finding these are still working for me and I have continued to take that on to the start of my July bullet journal too. 

Most times I find that I don't have many specific plans on the weekend so I tend to join the two days and make it my chore list. That way I'm not tied to doing something specific on a specific day and I can pick and choose and do what I want to do. That being said, if I DO have plans for the weekend I am splitting the days separately and my layout will change a little. 

Other than that there's not a lot to say on my weekly spreads this month, they're pretty normal, they're pretty settled and I imagine they'll continue. I also am trying to break away from the 'perfect' layout and now I am v much feeling the notes on the top, the mess and the doodles. 


This month my checklists have been a bit all over the place. I generally use a single side sheet for a master to do list hence I have dates from the first of the month next to the 12th and then further on some from the 12th next to the 18th. 

I haven't had need for much in the way of unusual checklists this month, most of them have been master to do lists. I have been busy though so whilst I still have a master to do list for each week, I also have been using a whole checklist for a single day. I really like this element of bullet journaling, I think this is one of the things I use best, the versatility to use a page for a whole week and then next up for a single day. 

As you can see from the images below I also used a section for shopping lists this week although I didn't take the journal with me so that was pretty redundant. I also worked out a schedule for a morning, I was busy, I wanted to go for a run and I wanted to make a stew and I needed to go to my Mum's by a specific time and it was frying my brain so I made a timetable. I mean, it all went to pot because I nearly fainted after my run because I didn't eat enough (yay me) so I was late but hey, the intention was there. 


There was very little in the way of blogging this month, I had finished my Friday Favourites section for the last few months so I started a new one of those which will be migrated into my new journal this July. I also created my June blogging schedule but if you actually put this against the blogging I DID do last month you'll know I didn't stick to it. 

I was on Jury Service and I couldn't face blogging a lot of the time so I was crossing things off my schedule left right and centre and also switching up the content I chose to write when I did want to write. 


I mean just lol. 

I wanted to get a bit fitter this summer, just tone up a bit, cut down on carbonated and caffeine drinks, not necessarily loose weight but just work on me core so I feel a bit healthier. So I thought one of the best ways to get myself motivated was to have a tracker in my bullet journal so I mapped out 3 weeks worth of spreads. I basically wanted to go for a run every other day, I wanted to track my drinks and I also wanted to plank. A lot. 

I set myself a challenge to plank for 30 seconds every half hour between 9am-9pm and it might not sound a lot but oh lordy you can feel it. It's actually a really good challenge and I definitely felt less bloated on the days I was managing to do a lot of them buttttt as you can see it totally trailed off. 

I don't want to use Jury Service as an excuse again but genuinely the last thing you want to do when you come in late is go for a run (you basically just want tea and sleep) and uhm, you can't just hop to the floor and plank in the middle of court. I'm actually really peeved Jury Service fell just when I got my mojo back because I was feeling really motivated and pleased and pumped to get out and exercise so I need to kick myself back into the groove again. 

The Rest;

Oh the filler pages, aren't they cute though? As ever I start every month with a lil introduction to it, a way of splitting up the months and knowing where I am. These pretty much stay the same throughout my journal although I think I only started doing them in March. They basically feature a calendar and some basic plans and then a section for what's coming up this month and what I need to remember next month. I also had about 5 rotas in June for picking my brother up from work but in the end he bought a new car and all of them became redundant which was nice. 

I also had Jury Service (did I already tell you that?) so I naturally had a lot of information to remember and jot down for that. I also stupidly used loads of data all month kinda forgetting I'd have to commute and be bored AF and also court didn't have wifi so I was heavily relying on the old 3G. That meant for the first few days on the trains I couldn't turn my internet on to check the National Rail app so in the train timetable went and into my bag went the trusty bujo. I actually quite liked drawing that layout. 

Whilst I was waiting around in court I also designed my summer printable icons, as you can see I tried out a few variations of a lot of designs until I was happy with the final icon and I found drawing them in my journal itself helped me get the kinda scale right. If you haven't downloaded your free bullet journal printable for this Summer you can do over here

Andddd finally I didn't think it was appropriate to just leave this journal on a cliff hanger, I felt like I needed a solid end to this half of the year so I did an absentminded doodle in front of the Last Leg one Friday night and actually, the result is kinda nice. Like I said I have the last few double page spreads ready for some photos when I get my butt together and get some printed (wouldn't now be a nice time to get offered a Printiki collab like every other blogger?)

And that my friends is the last of my 2017 bullet journal Part 1. Now we're in July we're in part 2 and I'll no doubt have a flip through of that up on the blog very soon. 



















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