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How To Keep Your Mini Break Packing To A Single Bag (+ FREE Printable)

How To Keep Your Mini Break Packing To A Single Bag (+ FREE Printable)


It's Summer, if we're not throwing caution to the wind and booking a fortnight on some Caribbean island because we're flat broke but fuck it we need a holiday, then we're lusting after something anything to get away from home.

Having just booked 2 mini breaks or long weekends with another 2 in the pipeline, the art of packing has once again entered my brain. The mini break or the long weekend is one of the most tricky breaks to pack for. It define it as two or three (or even four at a push) nights away, it's longer than one night from home but shorter than an actually holiday and preparing for it is a fine art. 

I go on a lot more mini breaks than I do full blown holidays and I have got the art of packing, and containing it all to one bag, down to a science. We're talking a small wheelie suitcase, a holdall, think hand luggage size and nothing more. I mean, obvs you need your handbag but like, that goes without saying.  

My Top Tips For Your Mini Break Packing; 

  • Limit your choices. Narrow down outfit staples that you can wear with a multitude of options. Think something classic like a Breton stripe top with jeans OR a skirt. Think a black blazer that goes with anything. You don't need 20 options, it's a short trip. 
  • Wear your bulkiest items. I mean, within reason - don't wear your winter coat on the plane or anything but pop your boots on your feet and your pumps in your suitcase to save space.
  • Roll not fold. The golden rule of packing. 
  • Prepare. Aim for one set of jewellery only, one set of earrings, one necklace, one watch etc etc (you get the idea), make sure they all match and go with all your outfit choices. Similarly, paint your nails the night before you go with your most chip resistant polish to save taking them with you. 
  • Scrimp on what you don't need. If I'm only going away for 2 nights I wash my hair on the morning I leave and then I don't take shampoo and conditioner with me. I know my hair will last, one sample size dry shampoo and a hair bobble to pop it up on the last day takes up a lot less room than all your toiletries, a towel and a hair dryer. 
  • Go small. I mean we all love those massively expensive but oh so cute samples in Boots come holiday season don't we? The smaller you can get your luggage the better, try spritzing just enough of your creams and lotions into 100ml bottles so you take just what you need rather than your whole collection. 
  • Be realistic. Don't bother taking your laptop and three magazines if you're only spending three days away and have things planned for the whole time you're there. That being said, if you're going away for some R&R think about downloading multiple books to your e reader instead of paperbacks to save some crucial space.  

How To Get Your Free Printable;

There's a variety of ways! Whatever works best for you and suits your life!

  • Right click and save the image to your computer. 
  • Repin and save through Pinterest. 
  • Click on the 'download here' link to the PDF and save to your desktop. 
  • Print at home on A4 paper. 





















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