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What's In My Suitcase.

I'm off on my mini travels today for 5 days crashing the family holiday in Dorset and as I was packing last night I thought this would be a good chance to see if I actually followed my own advice when it came to mini break packing. So here's what really made the cut for 4 nights away from home......

How To Keep Your Mini Break Packing To A Single Bag (+ FREE Printable)

It's Summer, if we're not throwing caution to the wind and booking a fortnight on some Caribbean island because we're flat broke but fuck it we need a holiday, then we're lusting after something anything to get away from home.

Having just booked 2 mini breaks or long weekends with another 2 in the pipeline, the art of packing has once again entered my brain. The mini break or the long weekend is one of the most tricky breaks to pack for. It define it as two or three (or even four at a push) nights away, it's longer than one night from home but shorter than an actually holiday and preparing for it is a fine art.