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49 Thoughts You Have Moving From Apple To Android.

For those of you who don't know I made the big commitment to sell up my dying iPhone and move to android about a fortnight ago. The move wasn't one I wanted to make but it was made out of necessity. My iPhone 6 was on it's last legs, I have a £7.50 sim only contract, I couldn't justify to myself getting a new iPhone contract but couldn't afford to spend £600+ on a new one and here we are. One order of a refurbished Samsung Galaxy 6 for under 200 quid later and my Apple days are no more. 

But with my move from Apple to Android came a few noticeable differences....

11 Things To Do On Christmas Day.

The big day is creeping ever closer and I've talked a lot about tradition over the past fortnight since I've been working on my 12 days series. There are some things we all do on Christmas Day and some things I think are maybe a bit more, niche shall we say, to each family. 

Think of it as a bucket list of sorts, a checklist of things to tick off with your loved ones on the 25th.

84 Things We All Think In Autumn

Autumn - the favourite season of all basic twenty somethings....including myself. 

If you aren't taking photos of your feet in leaves or with your first seasonal Starbucks cup of the year or furiously googling tartan blankets are you even really enjoying autumn? 

Here's a few things we're all thinking this time of year....