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Social Media Stats: August 2016

Social Media Stats: August 2016

Social Media Stats - August 2016. 

Social Media Stats - August 2016. 

My blog posts are getting later and later at the moment and I just can't curb it. Remember the good old days when I had a schedule and I used to write a post the night before and it'd always go live at 6am? Lol that ain't happening anymore. 

I had an unexpected day with my niece when I'd normally work and it's put me right out of whack and I can't claw it back. Combine that with having a MASSIVE filing project going on of all my business expenses and idk, at least I'm still posting at all right? 

I always forget how long these posts take to write and I NEVER leave enough time. But hey. 


1. #BloggerPitP

This is not that shocking to me at all, it wasn't a case of what will be my most popular Instagram of the month- it was which picnic post will be my most popular Instagram of the month. This time it was this little beauty featuring my jar from Wilko and the handwriting of Sarah but tbh all my picnic posts did well. Maybe it was the hype over the event, maybe it was how bright and colourful everything was, maybe it was all the posts of food....but either way, people LUHHHHH that picnic life. 

2. Stationery Hacks. 

God knows why this was such a popular post tbf, beating the rest of the picnic images. I think it was promoting a blog post I did on hacks or tips for starting your own business but it was my second most popular image of August. People like stationery, people like pencils, people like white backgrounds and flatlays. Go figure. 

3. Views For Days. 

This was not much of a surprise either tbf. Bank Holiday weekend was spent with my family and on the Friday evening myself and Joss' family went for a walk on the beach and some chips and I posted A LOT of photos from it because it was so pretty. This one won though with the third most likes of the month but I think you can agree it's pretty flippin idyllic right? Just look at that reflection of the sky in the water omg.

In case you hadn't seen me mention it, I really upped my game at the end of the month. My Instagram has always done reasonably well but I finally succumbed to the fact that the algorithm is shite and is killing engagement and decided on recommendation to start a theme and a posting schedule. I post 2 or 3 times a day early in the morning, at hometime and late at night and I have an editing theme (though not a content one) anddddd I take notice of my hashtags and it's changed my Insta feed for good. Sold. 


After last month I knew I had to work to get my Twitter back to the types of stats I had prior to going on holiday and whilst June was a top top month, I'm back at the levels of about May this year which isn't half bad for one month back. I haven't tweeted as much, I haven't always had time to schedule content and I certainly haven't chatted as much which makes me the saddest of all, but overall I'm pleased to see it bounce back quickly. 

I tweeted 260 times more than in July but 500 times less than the holy grail month of June and 400 less mentions which is understandable cos lol chat failure. I actually had about 1000 less profile views than July which was weird and uhh I don't really know how to explain that one but I did get 315 new followers taking me past 1.8K followers which is more on track with last April/May. Overall I had 159K impressions, 4000 more than July which is A OK but 100K less than June. Oh June how I miss you. 


I follow 386. Follows me 1K. (July 2016).

I follow 388 (I'm really trying to find other bloggers, send me your links!)

Follows me 1.5K (August 2016). 

Yasss my Pinterest is going from strength to strength and it's STILL all down to those handful of viral pins of bullet journal printables which conveniently link back to my blog and is the biggest source of traffic for me. My average monthly impressions is now well over ONE MILLION. I mean. Really. Bonkers. 


Follow 276. Follows me 152. (July 2016). 

Follow 304. Follows me 218. (August 2016).

Ugh Bloglovin is legit the bane of my life. I was reading somewhere the other day of a blogger who had INSANE Bloglovin following, like 1K yet I have just over 200 and have 30x the blog pageviews. Idk how it works or how anyone gets any kind of following on this little platform but I love it for reading blogs and if someone can give me some tips that'd be ace. 

Google Analytics: 

In July I had 30,814 pageviews in 20,318 sessions from 17,349 unique users and smashed my overall page views for the year. 

This month as I suspected, the insane rapid growth kinda levelled off and whilst I had a steady stream of visitors and engagement, I certainly didn't double my stats. I had 33,289 pageviews in 21,234 sessions from 18,312 unique users. I tend to think if I get about the same number of thousand pageviews as there are days of the month I've done alright so I count August a success. I am over 90K overall pageviews and will easily hit 100K by the end of the year which I'm made up with because sadly I don't have any stats from when I was on Wordpress so this is only since I moved hosts. Boo. 

Follow me on alllll the social media, I'm a happy little chappy! 

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