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Social Media & Blog Statistics - April 2018.

I don't wish to alarm you but I am blogging again, for the second time this month already and for the third time this week. Guys, I officially think I am back. 

Needless to say because of the shit storm that was April on my blog, with my lack of motivation came a lack of kinda anything. Not a lot of engagement because I wasn't sharing the love back. Not a lot of traffic because I wasn't bothering to promote it. I put no effort in and funnily enough, my blog didn't give me a lot back so whilst this month's report is a dismal affair on the whole, I have high hopes for May.

Social Media & Blog Statistics - November 2017

I plain wasn't around enough this month to be of any use on social media but surprisingly my stats aren't really a reflection of that? I was reading Megan's roundup of her stats this month too and was struck by how similar our months tend to be. We often have bad months together and good months together and now have done very little to help ourselves yet have had decent months. So maybe the moral of the story of these posts is we can try all we want but in the end it's trends in blog reading and Pinterest that do all the work for us. 

How Not To Use Twitter.

Twitter - the only time in which you can promote your blog in one sentence and talk about what you had for breakfast in the next (and probably get more likes for the breakfast). We all love to hate Twitter, we bitch about it, we berate the 'community' but we all rely on it for our promotion, and for communicating and connecting with like minded people. 

There are definitely ways in which you can use Twitter to your advantage, and be successful at it - namely being a babe and being ace at scheduling tweets. But there are definitely some ways in which you should not being using Twitter. I spoke to my blogging gals and together we came up with a few of our pet hates to help you avoid making a Twitter faux par. 

Social Media Stats; July 2017

Oh July you little beaut. After June when I was on jury service and wasn't scheduling and wasn't blogging and wasn't tweeting my stats suffered - but this month I have been back on it and more active than ever (well, like in a long time). 

And my stats reflect that....

Social Media Stats; June 2017.

I don't want to bang on about the fact I was on jury service for half of the previous month but it really did have a huge impact on my life and it certainly had an impact on my blog. Because I don't schedule ahead because I'm shit I didn't have any content planned for whilst I was away which meant blog posts were sporadic when I wasn't sleeping, social media was almost non existent and everything suffered basically. 

What I'm saying is, this was the worst month in a while but don't give up on me yet advertisers, I aspire to be better this month. (Also I appreciate my stats are less than terrible even in their worst months, I am a victim to my own need to beat myself).