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Social Media Stats July 2016.

Social Media Stats July 2016.

Social Media Stats - July 2016. 

Social Media Stats - July 2016. 

Another month over, another social media roundup. I legit don't even know if people like reading these types of posts but I really like reading them on other people's blogs and if nothing else, I like tracking what I've done in a more in depth way than I do in my BuJo so hey, here's another one. 

Let's just start by saying I had no illusions what going on holiday would do to my blog and social media stats - social media more than anything. I knew I wouldn't be able to tweet as much or spend as much time interacting with people on social media and I knew it would make a difference. I also didn't take part in any chats for over a fortnight and probably only took part in a handful before that so I didn't have high hopes for July and that was perfectly fine - a break is always good for the soul. 

I've also decided to stop tracking my illustration accounts. I literally only check them once a month for this post and I know they're CONSIDERABLY lower than blog stats because I don't invest as much time in them. I don't really change anything or implement anything and to be honest, it doesn't really matter. The majority of the work I get is from my website rather than my social media and any blog work I get comes through my blog accounts anyway. So yeah, that's not happening any more. 


1. Werk Werk Werk. 

Not only the most popular Instagram of the month but also the most popular thing I have ever posted, this one creased me when I first saw it and it was no surprise it made people laugh. I reposted it from Grimmy way back before I went on holiday and it still makes me laugh now. It's probs not the Palace's favourite meme but lord it made me laugh. 

Soz Wills

Soz Wills

2. Snapchat Selfie. 

I mean is there any explanation needed? People love Snapchat. People love the Snapchat filters. People LOVED this filter. Basically just felt like we were all on holiday even though we were back in drizzly old Blighty when the heatwave was over. Also I was a bit in love with my nails when I took this photo and looooads of people have commented on them. FYI they were just Primark fake nails I did myself with Superdrug paint on glue (so much better than the Primark glue) and painted with Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Chai.

Follow me on Snapchat username gr20smeltdown

Follow me on Snapchat username gr20smeltdown

3. Friday Favourites. 

This one is baffling me. I mentioned in a chat a while ago that my graphics always do reasonably well on Instagram which people were really surprised by because appaz that's not always the case. However this particular one got over 100 likes which they NEVER normally do. Idk what it was, a fluke, spam accounts, the flatlay, the fact I said it was my last Friday Favs for a while.....? Maybe people were just really happy I wouldn't post a FF for 3 weeks πŸ™Š

Also need to take the time out to say a big shout out to Sarah from ItsSarahAnn for her guest post. Not only did it get loads of lovely comments, a lot of love on Twitter but the promo photo was my 4th most popular upload in July and whacked in almost immediately as the 20th most popular post ever posted on my blog. Bet she's fuming she didn't keep the content for her own blog ;) Love ya pal! 


Unsurprisingly being less active on Twitter whilst I was away had a huge impact on my stats, more than on any other platform which actually all still grew. I knew I wouldn't be able to take part in chats whilst I was away so I only really used Twitter for promoting my guest bloggers and replying to tweets and mainly for planning #BloggerPitP

I tweeted 700 times less than June and thus I had 100K less impressions, 2200 less profile visits and 700 less mentions which was definitely a direct correlation from taking part in less chats. In June I gained 500 followers but in July I only gained 95. I was actually gaining followers per day and that means I lost loooooooads of followers in July. Like I'd estimate about 200? I don't know who they were or if it was largely due to the fact I did a giveaway in June and then those people unfollowed me when they didn't win but I know I lost a lot and am now rebuilding it but probs won't hit my target for the end of the year. Life. 


I follow 309. Follows me 538 (June 2016).

I follow 386. Follows me 1083 (July 2016). 

Yup Pinterest is now the main source of traffic to my blog and it's all from 4 pins. They are still going crazy, I have over 560K impressions monthly and my following grows like nobodies business. I'd be surprised if this filters off for a little while, as the pins are still popular (thank you Bullet Journals) but I am trying to make a conscious effort to find bloggers I chat to all the time so if I don't follow you be sure to let me know your handle!


Follow 201. Follows me 124 (June 2016)

Follow 276. Follows me 152 (July 2016)

Again, I find Bloglovin SO difficult to get any kind of interaction on or grow any kind of following. Just hitting 150 was a big deal for me because my following grows soooooo slow. I don't know really what I can do to change this but again, if I don't already follow you please let me know because I am DREADFUL with Bloglovin anyway. 

Google Analytics:

In June I had 16,515 pageviews in 11,120 sessions from 9568 unique users which was already a massive jump from May. 

In July I doubled my pageviews to achieve 30,814 pageviews in 20,318 sessions from 17,349 unique users and hit my overall page views target for the end of the year. I know a huge part of that was down the fact I was still regularly posting due to my gorgeous guest bloggers who kept me going and meant my blog still ticked along nicely. I can only send you the most love ever. 

Long may it continue this way!

Follow me on all forms of social media if you don't already - I'm quite friendly!



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