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Social Media Stats; June 2017.

Social Media Stats; June 2017.

Social Media Statistics - June 2017. 

Social Media Statistics - June 2017. 

I don't want to bang on about the fact I was on jury service for half of the previous month but it really did have a huge impact on my life and it certainly had an impact on my blog. Because I don't schedule ahead because I'm shit I didn't have any content planned for whilst I was away which meant blog posts were sporadic when I wasn't sleeping, social media was almost non existent and everything suffered basically. 

What I'm saying is, this was the worst month in a while but don't give up on me yet advertisers, I aspire to be better this month. (Also I appreciate my stats are less than terrible even in their worst months, I am a victim to my own need to beat myself). 


Last month I mentioned I was anywhere between about 1090 and 1050 followers and whilst I have safely stayed between 1080 and 1097 ish I have yet to push over to the 1100 mark. This is despite obviously having around 10 new followers a day because lol the algorithm is a pile of wank. 

I also mentioned I was going to go down to two Insta posts a day, one in the morning and one in the evening and see what it did for my engagement, each post having longer to be live for more people to see it before a new post replaced it. That uhhh, did sweet FA. It didn't make a massive amount of difference, some posts were getting over 100 likes, some were getting about 50, god knows why or what works and what doesn't but I think Instagram is a battle I won't win. 

That being said my Instagram stories seem to be a hit and more and more people seem to be watching them but that might be because I keep featuring piglets which can't hurt. 

If you like what you see you can follow me on the old gram over here. 



I just didn't tweet this month, that's the crux of it. If I did a single chat I don't remember it, I kept accidentally missing Late Night Bloggers and I barely managed to schedule any promos so basically everything suffered. 

After May when I went back over the 100K threshold, I just didn't make it this time and I didn't really expect to either. There's very little to say, very little to excuse it so here's the stats;

I tweeted over 200 times less than in May (just over 400 times in June), my profile visits were down by around half, my mentions were down by 100 (that'll be the chats) and my impressions went down to just over 71K. That being said I weirdly had more new followers than last month with 127 newbies which pushed me over the 3600 mark which is quite lovely. The chances of me hitting 5000 by the end of the year is slipping away mind. 


I tried a bit harder with the ol' Pinterest this month. Having not pinned anything in May I tried to make an effort in June and have a few pinning sessions; I even created a new board dedicated solely to wallpapers for my Macbook. 

By the end of May I had 2853 followers on Pinterest and to this date I have 3043 which is a nice rise but nothing like Summer 2016 when I used to get over 100 new followers per week. Oh how I miss those lovely lovely days. Surprisingly this month even though I was more active I had less impressions going from 1,588,000 ish to 1,542,000 ish which might be simply to do with less pinnable content from my own blog. I've just designed some free printables for bullet journaling which is often popular content so hopefully this month will be better. 


Like I said last month, I don't know how much longer I am going to keep tracking my Bloglovin stats. It used to be more important to me when I saw bloggers with over 1K following but I've simply come to realise the app is just not how my audience engages with me. Most people come to my blog direct from Twitter or Pinterest so whilst my following on Bloglovin might not be as substantial as other bloggers, my pageviews and direct traffic to my blog is off the scale compared to a lot of others. 

That being said I did bother to check what my following was and after ending May with 507 followers I now have 531 so I am definitely increasing followers quicker and quicker. 

Google Analytics;

This is where I suffered the most when it came to being on jury service. I just didn't blog as much, I didn't promote what I did blog and I just generally suffered massively for it. 

I am used to 1K pageviews per day on average but this month it was in the hundreds not the thousands. Remember in January when I was getting 4K pageviews a day? I miss viral months. My DA stayed the same in the last check which is good (I will get round to changing all those broken links one day when I have 32983578358 hours to spare) yet after starting the month with more like average stats, it just didn't last. 

I ended the month with 24,718 pageviews which is just about 5000 less than the average for me in a month of 30 days and that was with 14 and a half users. The problem with having semi viral content on Pinterest is the chance of getting those readers to stay is very very slim so actually this month I am most pleased about the percentage of regular readers going on the increase. I'm now on 431,389 all time pageviews which means I'm less likely to hit 1 million by the end of the year but pretty likely, unless it all goes wrong, to hit 500,000 (yes I set myself two goals in two separate blog posts, idk how). 

This month I am aiming to be better, post more, post better content, make more shareable content and also be better at social media and scheduling and basically shouting out 'hey I have new stuff do you wanna come see?' Hopefully I'll have a better stats report next month. 


















A Note On Small Businesses.

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***FREE*** Bullet Journal Printable; Summer Icons

***FREE*** Bullet Journal Printable; Summer Icons