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Social Media & Blog Statistics - April 2018.

Social Media & Blog Statistics - April 2018.


I don't wish to alarm you but I am blogging again, for the second time this month already and for the third time this week. Guys, I officially think I am back. 

Needless to say because of the shit storm that was April on my blog, with my lack of motivation came a lack of kinda anything. Not a lot of engagement because I wasn't sharing the love back. Not a lot of traffic because I wasn't bothering to promote it. I put no effort in and funnily enough, my blog didn't give me a lot back so whilst this month's report is a dismal affair on the whole, I have high hopes for May.


I said last month that I had truly fallen head over heels for Instagram again and it was the only platform I was putting energy and that's the same for April as well. There's no denying when you're busy it's so much easier to scroll Insta for five minutes and get a plethora of content, something you just can't get from a two thousand word blog post. It put my energy into Instagram this month and it was rewarded with a cheeky 1220 followers, up about 30 new followers which in algorithm days is like 100. 

Speaking of 100, I have always seen 100 likes on my profile as my personal marker for if a post has been successful. This month 15 of my pictures hit that marker (and load surpassed it with one nearly at 200 and a cheeky repost from Dunelm). Having half my posts this month hitting my personal mark for a good pic and loving my own grid, plus what I am seeing on my feed makes me hapeh and hopefully I'll gain more followers in the next month too. 


I did nothing on Twitter this month except unfollow people and wax lyrical about my advertisers but self promo was non existent. I didn't see the point in scheduling when I didn't have new content and couldn't be arsed to promote old or evergreen content. I don't really like Twitter at the mo (have I mentioned that enough?) and if I don't have time it's always the first thing to go off my to do list. 

With nothing much to say, let's get into the statistics shall we? I tweeted 100 times less than in March, which is saying something because in March I only tweeted 300 times. This meant my impressions dropped to their lowest since about January 2016 to 48K and my profile visits dropped from 1239 to 768. My mentions however were on the up from 123 to just over 200 which is testament to my lovely advertisers and all the pals I have on Twitter, the ones I DO like, love and have time for. However, despite 'gaining' followers every day really I actually ended up on minus 7 with a grand total of 3711 but I unfollowed a laaaaat so we'll see what happens if I actually put some effort in myself. 


Again. I just haven't had the time to put any effort into Pinterest this month and therefore it hasn't grown massively for me. Luckily I still have the odd viral pin floating around so there is still plenty of traffic for me and bullet journaling always gains me a few followers but it's nothing like the heights of 6 million impressions a month back in the day. 

I finished March with 4178 followers and now I have 4283 so just over 100 new followers isn't too shabby when you've put no effort in. Again, my impressions dropped slightly from 1.4 million to 1.2 which is understandable but not a huge drop. We can cope. 


Blog photography inspiration

Google Analytics; 

So I only blogged 10 times in April which is super low for me when I used to blog daily back in 2016/2017 but hey, 10 times is better than no times ya feel me? Needless to say this massive drop in my own blog schedule meant a drop in my stats and this time I don't feel all that disappointed in it? Normally I put some effort into my work and if the stats drop I feel a little meh but this time I didn't put any effort in and knew what rewards (or lack of them) I would reap. 

My pageviews went down from 23,598 views to 20,698 which actually isn't so bad. My readership was at just over 12K and my bounce rate went up which is also kinda to be expected when your viral posts are still ticking away but you're not promoting new content. Weirdly though my DA went back up to 26 (it's highest has been 27 but it's been down to 24 for a few months now) so that's fun news. My overall page views for the past two years also went up of course and I'm sitting at a healthy 693K. 

So there we go - nothing new to report and no unexpected surprises (with maybe the exception of my domain authority). Maybe I will get my shit together this month and we'll see a little rise. Time will tell. 
















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